LA duo Haddadi von Engst deliver thrilling new EP incl Ron Flatter Remix

You Plus One is a Canadian label from Vancouver, leading the way in a new culture in the Northwest, expanding the boundaries of underground dance music.

The sixteenth release of the label continues the visionary path with iLL Clinton by Haddadi Von Engst. Los Angeles-based duo formed by a sound designer and a classically trained pianist has created a new EP expanding the genre of Melodic House. Their approach to production delivers a clear, uncluttered style, playing with lively harmonic and rhythmic structures.

The music is a direct window into our souls, if you want to see our interpretation of the world, just listen to our music.

Their blend of influences – from Disco to Chicago, Balearic, and Techno – set them on the path toward the forward-thinking yet crowd-pleasing embodiment of passion. The two-track release includes the original version of the track and the remix by Ron Flatter.

While the original version displays happy vibes with a one-of-a-kind audio palette, Ron Flatter’s remix takes it to another level. Committed to his signature work, the Berlin-based producer reveals his groovy rhythms with hypnotic undertones. Ron manages to keep the essence of the original material but adds warmth and a smooth atmosphere. And you can already look forward to the next releases by these groovy gentlemen.

We have a total of 6 releases this year on You + One, the next two releases will be in June and August 2023!