Submit your music for Soundcloud repost (1 Million follower network Deep house / Tech house / Techno) 2018

Repost a track €25Repost DJ mix €301M followers Repost Network = €100

Need to reach a broader audience with your tracks and DJ mixes on Soundcloud? House Music With Love (27,000 followers) and our sister channel Deep House Sweden (11,000 followers) are running a Soundcloud repost network of almost 100 pro Soundcloud channels specializing in reposting top quality content in electronic genres including Deep House, Techno, Tech house and Nu Disco. Our network contains the following channels:

    • House Music With Love 26k followers
    • Deep House Sweden 11k followeers
    • Data Transmission 100k followers
    • Discobelle 1M followers
    • When We Dip 85k followers
    • Past & Future 50k followers
    • Sweet Musique 87k followers
    • house-mag 35k followers
    • Progressive Astronaut 71k followers
    • Music is for Lovers 40k followers
    • Soundspace 70k followers
    • Him Self Her 25k followers
    • Deep House Belgium 2k followers
    • Deep House Bucharest 4k followers
    • Lamp 9k followers
    • How I met the Bass 17k followers
    • Trndmsk 67k followers
    • Like that underground 17k followers
    • Deeper Quality 9k followers
    • Deep Stories 26k followers
    • 4AllRecords 8k followers
    • 8DayMontreal 24k followers
    • klinksmusic 9k followers
    • Club Mood Vibes 5k  followers
    • Berlin Deep Selected 6k followers
    • Melodic Deep 11k followers
    • Deep House Space 21k followers
    • West Coast Podcast 6k followers
    • Manual Music 20k followers
    • Daylight Robbery 14k followers
    • Closing Sounds 10k followers
    • Beach podcasts 7k followers
    • Supermatic Sounds 17k followers
    • Hidden Vibes 10k followers

How to submit music to our Soundcloud repost network?

  1. Make sure to send very high quality track och DJ set in genres deep house, techno and tech house.
  2. Use the form below

Repost a track €25Repost DJ mix €301M followers Repost Network = €100