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Swedish Office #1

Att: Alex Esser
Anckargripsgatan 3
211 19 Malmö
Tel: +46 735 84 88 88

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House Music With Love
C/O Alex Esser
Ystadsgatan 4
214 24 Malmö

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Please include press release, art work and artist photos, promo download and Soundcloud or Youtube links (embeddable).

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I wanna send you a demo!

If you would like to send demos
do send them with a message about yourself and your music to:

  • Please send us a private direct playable (Soundcloud) link
  • Please DON’T USE Wetransfer or attached files

Please note
We do our best to listen to all the demos sent, but please understand that sometimes we’ll only get back to you if we really like your tunes and if they fit our label.

Thanks in advance!