Alex Breitling (Monaberry) Interview

When Alex Breitling turns 18, he starts to DJ in his cozy hometown Koblenz/Germany and quickly becomes a regular in the local clubs. In 2012 he decides to work with his first DAW’s to produce his own tracks. After some lessons in playing piano he released The Track “Lift Up” on the Label Armada Records. He prompty lands himself DJ gigs in smaller clubs, bars and festivals like Nature One or Ruhr in Love in his home country.

Then in 2019 Alex released on labels like Songspire Records, Purified and Wanderlust by Pretty Pink. Especially his releases on Super Flu’s label Monaberry show his skills in the studio during the last years. Now Alex Breitling has just released his track Dark Forest on the mighty Monaberry compilation Herberts Best XII – a beautiful and magical production. That’s not the only reason we talked to Alex Breitling.

Please tell us a bit about your musical journey! When did you get into Djing and then into production?
I started 12 years ago where i stand in front of an Electronic Club in Koblenz and i spoke to the owner if I can play in this club. He was cool and told me to send a DJ Mix and then He will decide. After some Gigs in this club I became resident Status and then it was time to produce my own music i started in 2011 with some Piano lessons and my first daw.

My first Release was 2015 with Lift Up on Armada Records, they found me on soundcloud and want to Release some stuff of mine. That Was a really good feeling. But than I stopped producing for some years because I thought my tracks are not good enough to release. But that was totally wrong and I wasted my time. In 2019 I came totally back and now we are here and I release New stuff with new energy πŸ™‚

So never stop things that you love!

Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest joint on Monaberry’s compilation!

My Inspiration comes always from listening to other producers and music. I love listening music and that brings me always to the mood to make my own stuff.

Let’s have a view into your studio – Which is your favorite plugin or hardware at the moment?
My Favourite Plugin is Blackbox Analog HG2 by plugin alliance. It gives you the Power to All your Sounds.
And my facourite Hardware is the Minilogue. I do many pads and synth leads with this allrounder. Always worth it!

What do you do when you get stuck on a track production in the studio?
Take your break and come back tomorrow. It will gives you a complete different view and fresh ideas to your project.

Where do you get new inspiration and energy?

You only can get inspiration and energy when you listen to New music and take your breaks.

We are humans no machines.

Any releases or remixes coming out in 2021 you want to reveal?

There is a new EP for Purified at the end of august and a new Track on Somatic Records in september with strong remixes by Robin Schellenberg and Grigore. Stay tuned πŸ™‚