HMWL Podcast 97 – Sankt Göran (The Free Spirit Society)


There is a new cowboy in town. Since the move to Berlin from Göteborg last year Sankt Göran has been one busy rider. Berlin offers an overwhelming number of opportunities to spend many hours in a hedonistic way at any time of the day. Despite that, Göran manages to stay focused on studio work and label work. His label The Free Spirit Society is about to press it’s forth release. TFSS004 will feature three tracks – Zurückbleiben, Late Nite Interlude and Tune in Via Backend. The release is a good one according to Göran himself. And it’s nice to hear that the Swedish producer is proud of his work. Jantelagen doesn’t apply and Berlin and that’s a good thing.

The mix above contains some fantastic tracks by Henrik Bergkvist (Aniara), Nubian Mindz (Counterchange), Jesper Dahlbäck/Krome, Jark Prongo and some of Sankt Göran‘s own tracks from the forthcoming TFSS004 release.

Sankt Göran Interview:

You moved to Berlin a few (months?) ago, how do you like it there?

Sankt Göran: Berlin is an overwhelming, always changing, huge city with lots of fun venues and great people from all over the world. Best thing = Long dj-sets, worst thing = no healthcare.

Some say Berlin is not what it used to be, the prices are getting to high, the hipster invasion is a fact and The Guardian writes serious articles about “How to Get into Berghain. What do you think?

Sankt Göran: Haha. Well, a place that would stay what it always has been wouldn’t be too much fun to stay in, right? I always wonder, what time are these people referring to? The time before the wall came down or the time of Love Parade? I mean, there is no more Love Parade, and that’s a shame, but now Berlin has Berghain instead, the worlds biggest love parade, and Berghain goes every weekend!
I guess by now you can tell I like the city. It has great atmosphere and energy and resides a lot of great inspirational people. Also, I guess I am very much part of the hipster-invasion you’re talking about, even though the city might give me right residing here, me being a DJ and all 😉

The Free Spirit Society label? Tell us about the label values, goals and favorite type of Sound?

Sankt Göran: I started the label together with my friend Olle Norås about 3 years ago. Releases come about once a year and I guess our main goal is to get the speed up a little bit so that people don’t forget about us in between. I couldn’t say that we have a favorite sound, just as I don’t have a favorite sound when I dj. As A&R I mainly want to summon up the sound of my djing on pastic, it could be super deep and hypnotic as well as slamming techno tracks. Check the catalogue and keep your eyes open for more records to come in a more steady pace.

The TFSS004 ep will be coming out in May with 3 tracks by you. Tell us more about the EP?

Sankt Göran: This will be the first record by myself on the label and it’s a good one. One of the tracks I made while still living in Gothenburg, last year. It’s the one with the vocal, of course. Since coming to Berlin my taste for the techno has developed and hence the A-side is a rough, up-beat, electro-influenced slammer. Will be cool to see how it’s received! B2 is featured in the ‘for TFSS’-mix.. Artwork by Olle Norås, as always.

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