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Organic House Vinyl series Volume 1, 2 & 3

HMWL Organic House volume 1, 2 & 3 featuring Pablo Bolivar, Marco Tegui, Urmet K, Slow Nomaden, Anatolian Sessions & More


Special X-mas offer. Buy Volumes 1, 2 & 3 for €35. Shipping before Christmas on orders before 14th december.

House Music With Love presents a compilation of pieces that invites you to a musical journey around the world covering vast deserts and snow covered landscapes. The first track on the compilation takes us to Peru, where Marco Tegui and his live recorded guitar sets a soothing and deep tone. From Peru we make our way towards Tel Aviv via India with a sensational creation by NoraMirma featuring Shri that encompass a wide range of emotions.

Vinyl ONE

A Side
Marco Tegui – Maymantataq Kanki
Marco Tegui – Maymantataq Kanki (Noramirma Remix)
Marco Tegui – Maymantataq Kanki (DIBIDABO Remix feat Soleil)

B Side
NoraMirma – Exhaltation feat Shrii
NoraMirma – Exaltation feat Shrii (Lama’s Dream remix)
Amentia – Cheyenne

Vinyl ONE: Strictly limited to 200 vinyl


Vinyl TWO

A Side:
Bodaishin & Izhy – Samatha
Bodaishin & Izhy – Samatha (Death On The Balcony Remix)

B Side:
Bodaishin & Izhy – Samatha (Pablo Bolivar Club Vision)
Jim Rider – Silk Jeans
MIICHII – Souther Remembering feat Peter Gundry

Vinyl TWO: Strictly limited to 200 vinyl


A Side
Urmet K – Dunes Of Nida
Urmet K – Dunes of Nida (Anatolian Sessions Remix) Unreleased

B Side
Slow Nomaden – Vasudeva
Regndans – Semba
Regndans – Semba (Jerry Spoon Remix) Unreleased

Vinyl THREE: Strictly limited to 200 vinyl

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