Wanduta – Cal ypso

04-06-2021 | HMWL

House Music With Love serves up a deeply spiritual new single from Wanduta that takes you on a deep journey of reflection.

Wanduta (HMWL/RituelRecordings/Underyourskin/Buddha Bar) is Parisian producer, self-taught guitarist and pianist who has been making music for more than a decade. He has a slow, sensual sound that mixes warm samples, deep baselines, tribal rhythms and hypnotic melodies.

His new tune Calypso is about the difficulties we have to understand each other as people, particularly between two people in love, and how your love for a single person can destroy things that were important for you before.

Adds the artist, “Sometimes, your love for someone else affects the way you think, which can be a very positive and enriching thing, but at the same time, can affect your ideals and make you lose sight about what was important to you before. It is like Calypso the nymph, who detained Odysseus for seven years, preventing him from accomplishing his destiny.

All this plays out in the deeply pensive chords, thoughtful lyrics and the pained sense of emotion that oozes from the track. It has warm, deep drums and majestic chords that are delicate and convey a real sense of emotional turmoil.

This 108 BPM Organic House slow burner is sure to bring real tenderness to the dance floor.