Sarajevski – Softlights feat Erika (HMWL008)

HMWL008 is here, by Sarajevski feat Erika Rosén (of Swim). Early support by Gaffa, Djungeltrumman, Acid Stag, Music Ninja, Hymn & Popmuzik

Brothers Bojan and Aleksandar were born in former Jugoslavia – a country torn apart by ravaging conflict. To find safety their parents left everything behind and fled northward with their two boys. After a long journey, they found a safe haven and settled in the forests of Småland, Sweden. While navigating a new environment, language and culture the brothers found a new mutual interest – the unifying force of music.

Aleksandar has released three albums under various aliases and been on rotation in Swedish Radio. Bojan har put his passion into music journalism and has been touring Sweden as a DJ as well as arranged clubs and festivals on the Swedish west coast.

Together they are Sarajevski – which means “Belonging to Sarajevo” – as a salute to their lost home. The debut single “Softlights” – featuring the smooth vocals of Erika Rosén – is inspired by how clubbing and nightlife can evoke immense joy but also a sense of loneliness:

“When we need it the most it offers no intimacy. The lights are cold and hard and invisible barriers prevent real and close encounters.” – Sarajevski.