Purple Skies EP

Artists: VA

Album: Purple Skies EP

Label: House music with Love

Release:  22 September 2023

House Music With Love is proud to unveil the upcoming release of the PurpleSkies EP, marking the wistful transition from summer to autumn. As the sunsets take on a deeper, more enchanting hue and the nights carry a newfound crispness, our compilation encapsulates this seasonal shift.

The Purple Skies autumn sample gathers seven organic house gems by HMWL family members as well as exciting new collaborators. Among the contributors are Constantin Nasiri & Mitiades Pistof, Ivan Sandhas, Arina Mur, Bodaishin, St Ego & Juan Fernandez, Thnik City, Inessa and Leonine Sky, as well as ÜNAM & David Leyton and Veytik, Fiisaco & Stéphane Salerno.

Track 1: Constantin Nasiri & Amitiades Pistof – Children

Cleared Cover of Robert Miles-Children

Always loved this track and felt it needed a more atmospheric approach to it. So here it is. Hope you like it – Constantin

Constantin Nasiri is a classical school composer, also playing in Constantin Nasiri & The Band at some of the summer resorts in Greece. His cleared cover Robert Miles-Children will give you your nostalgia trip of a lifetime.

Track 2: Ivan Sandhas – Now & Then

Originally from Buenos Aires, Ivan Sandhas is a Berlin-based DJ and producer. From the electronic capital of Europe, he crafts music with a strong foundation of groove, percussion, and basslines. Now & Then is his debut release onHMWL

“Now & Then encapsulates a sonic journey where nature’s whispers intertwine with pulsating synths, weaving a tapestry of nostalgia and euphoria. The vibrant bassline dances with rhythmic vocals, echoing memories of yesteryears while embracing the electrifying present. A harmonious fusion that resonates with the heartbeats of time and the euphoric pulse of the dancefloor.”
  • Ivan Sandhas – Windale played by AlKemiss Erika at Burning Man 2023
  • Norma (GR)-Exospheres (Ivan Sandhas remix) released on 2023-03-03 byElebated Records reached Hype position number 14 for Organic House &Downtempo.

Track 3: Think City, Inessa& Leonie Sky – Galactic Peace

Think City is a DJ and Producer Duo from Dortmund, Germany Anup KC and Martin Haber (Katermukke, HMWL, Pipe & Pouchet). Their musical creations are a melting pot of natural sounds, live instruments, vocals in different languages, layered with electronic beats & different synth sounds.

With all the wars going on around the world, we felt inspired to write Galactic Peace. These lines intend to express the longing for peace on a galactic level while conveying a message of hope and positive change.

Track 4: Bodaishin & St Ego feat Juan Fernandez – Blissful Sacrifice

  • Bodaishin recently featured on Spotify AD Times Square
  • Hernan Cattaneo supporting Bodaishin–played Earth Heart at Forja, Argentina audience of 15,000
  • Blissful Sacrifice is a collaboration between Ibiza-based Bodaishin and St Ego

Track 5: Arina Mur – Bulkowa

Arina has been making waves in the ocean of organic house for quite some time. With Mamasei and now Bulkowaon HMWL as well as release on such labels as Anjunadeep, All Day I Dream, Amulanga, Truesounds Music, Seven Villas, and Akbal, and with support from leading artists like Lee Burridge, NickWarren, Nora En Pure Tim Green, Gorje Hewek, and Izhevski, Arina has established herself as a producer with a unique well-recognized signature sound.

Track 6: ÜNAM & David Leyton – Aqua

ÜNAM is a traveler and magic sound crafter who creates a unique blend of electronic soundscapes and organic textures, merging deep melodies, big bass rhythms, and hypnotic sounds into a solid and potent groove.

Once when I met David Leyton as we were playing at the same festivalwereallywanted collaborate on a track. It took a while but Aqua is now the reality. David wrote and sang these beautiful chant lyrics about the Water and oneself profoundly.

  • 1stseptemberÜNAMis releasing an EP in collaboration with the outlaw Ocean Project (New York Time Best Seller),
  • On labels such as Bar 25, Sirin Music, Seven Villas and now HMWL
  • ÜNAMis playing Own Spirit Festival in September, recent releases in Seven Villas, Bar25

Track 7: Veytik, Fiisaco & Stéphane Salerno – Saturday in Amsterdam.

Saturday in Amsterdam was created from our experience in Amsterdam at ADE last year. Everything felt so nostalgic yet real. So much magic was what we had to harness into the chords and leads. Veytik created a live organic forefront of sound, Fiasco created the magic tones and pads that laid a bedrock and Stephane Salerno masterfully crafted the bassline in an analog fashion for the discerning crowd of the dancefloor.