HMWL Organica Deep House Vol 1

We are explorers of sound.

House Music With Love presents a compilation of pieces that invites you to a musical journey around the world covering vast deserts and snow covered landscapes. The first track on the compilation takes us to Peru, where Marco Tegui and his live recorded guitar sets a soothing and deep tone. From Peru we make our way towards Tel Aviv via India with a sensational creation by NoraMirma featuring Shri that encompass a wide range of emotions.

We continue to Armenia where the swinging percussion and elegant vocals on ‘Nani Jan’ by Armen Miran portrays nothing but beauty. From Armenia we head to London and a magnificent track by Jim Rider showcasing top tier talent and an amazing soundscape. Together with Amentia we later arrive in France and witness a mesmerizing array of melodies and warm colors.

Back in Tel Aviv we find The Angels blessing the compilation with an upbeat production utilizing the full power of a well executed percussion-play. We continue with MIICHII and Peter Gundry’s track ‘South Remembering’ highlighting the beauty of Colombia with an atmospheric composition of piano notes and vocals. The journey reaches its end in the cold and crisp climate of Southern Sweden with Regndans creating an intimate experience with the use of live recorded instruments and organic samples.

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