Marko Tegui – Maymantataq Kanki (Wanduta Cold Place Remix)

Label: House Music with Love

Release: Marko Tegui – Maymantataq Kanki (Wanduta Cold Place Remix)

Release day: December 12, 2022

Wandutas Cold Place vocal remix of Marco Tegui’s Maymantaq Kanki organic house classic explores the difficulties to get involved in a love relationship after a personal trauma, and how tough it can be to relate and interact with others, and with the world in general. How, when your own landmark fell apart, it can lead to isolation and lack of understanding, sometimes going so far that the one who got hurt in the first place end up being the one hurting people who were here to help him.

Wanduta is a French music composer, producer, singer, and live-performer.
A self-taught guitarist and pianist and influenced by his years spent abroad, he begins to share his music in 2017.
Since then, his productions were released on different independent labels (Underyouskin Records, Buddha Bar, Cafe de Anatolia, House Music With Love, Akasha MX…), and received the appraisal and support of artists such as Acid Pauli, Nicola Cruz, Goldcap or Lum.
On the side, he self-released an edit-only, charity album (HE(LP)), remixing one track from around the world every month.

His influences come from a very wide spectrum, from blues to electronica, from « world-music » to experimental music, or from protest songs and poetry to soul and hip hop music. He digs as deep as possible, either in himself or in his analysis of society, to offer authentic songs to his audience, and go beyond typical ready-made DJ-tracks. He first perfected his live sets at major french clubs (Badaboum, Silencio, Les Etoiles, Café Barge…), before expanding to international venues and festivals.

Since 2019, he played live at Woomoon Ibiza ; Sanctuary in Rome, Milan, Porto Cervo, Ostuni and Mykonos; Vibronica Festival in Kiyv; Ressources in Tunis, Casa Pacha Formentera, Marvellous Island Festival, Rituel Days Festival…

His live performances guides the audience through a hypnotic and transcendent journey. He sings, improvises on synthesizers and keyboard, and blend together his deep voice with sensual melodies, tribal grooves and warm samples.