Kaldera & Think Small - Blank Page

Kaldera & Think Small – Blank Page (inc Dandara remix)

Artist(s): Kaldera & Think SmallKaldera & Think Small - Blank Page
Title:  Blank Page
Record Label: House Music With Love (HMWL049)
Release Date: 17th Feb 2023

After 3 million Spotify streams on Oceans of My Mind Kaldera returns to HMWL with Blank Page featuring Berlin-based vocalist and poet Think Small. Blank Page is about how a love relationship can be so challenging due to difficulties in communication. Zurich-based Dandara adds a melodic remix for the dance floors. Blank Page is about losing yourself and trying to see the bigger picture. Focusing too much on detail, you keep yourself from painting with broad strokes. You’re always going somewhere, but you never really arrive – to become, yet never be.