JordanArts & Gorge – Falling

Artist(s): JordanArts & Gorge

Title: FallingEP

Record Label: House music with Love

Release date: 16/06/2023

We are excited to announce an upcoming collaboration between the electronic artists Jordan Arts and Gorge. The highly anticipated track, titled “Falling,” explores the overwhelming emotions we all encounter in our lives and highlights the importance of supporting each other to overcome those feelings.

Jordan Arts has been making waves in the electronic music scene, showcasing his undeniable talent and extensive knowledge in the genre. “Falling” has already been played by Nora En Pure at Coachella and during her tour in Los Angeles. Additionally, Jordan had the honor of performing live at the prestigious Ultra Music Festival in South Africa in 2023. With notable releases like “Dreaming” (on HMWL) and ”Cover Me” (on Purified) on Spotify playlists such as Melancholia and Low Key Tech, Jordan Arts continue to captivate listeners worldwide. Moreover, he has exciting collaborations in the pipeline with artists such as Einmusik, Shimza, Caiiro, Kasango, and Gorge, all scheduled for release this year. Jordan Arts is set to make debut performances in Berlin, and Hamburg, and embark on a four-show tour in India, further solidifying his status as a rising star.

Gorge has also been enjoying a string of successes in the electronic music scene. His achievements include holding the coveted #1 spot on Beatport Deep House Beatstats for an impressive 26 months. He has consistently secured top positions on Beatport’s organic and deep house charts in recent years.

Gorge’s music has gained recognition from renowned artists such as Nora En Pure, Nick Warren, and Hernan Cattaneo, who have regularly played and featured his tracks. Building on his success, Gorge has been busy collaborating with producers like Nick Curly and Oliver Schories, with more exciting partnerships on the horizon. Currently, Gorge is touring Australia, and Latin America, and performing at various venues across Europe.

Additionally, the Falling EP will feature a remix by renowned progressive house artist Sonic Union – the Sweden-born, UK-based head honcho of Low Bit Records.

The collaboration between Jordan Arts and Gorge on “Falling” is a highly anticipated release that brings together the unique talents and musical perspectives of these two exceptional artists. House Music With Love is proud to be the label releasing this exciting collaboration.

“Falling” will be available on all major digital music platforms on 16th June. Falling EP including the Jordan Arts version and Sonic Union remix will be out on 30th June.