House Music for Peace & Love 2023

All these f***ing wars are not about “we are with Palestine or Israel or Iran or US or Ukraine or Russia or Azerbajdzan or Armenia”. We are with the children, the wives, the husbands, and the loved ones dying because of the decisions of the ones in charge. Human blood does not know any nations, borders, or flags. We are all the same on the inside.

House Music With Love and Friends release House Music for Peace & Love – an electronic album against all wars, against every civilian life lost, against terrorism and political hypocrisy. All the proceeds from the album, now and forever, will go to the War Child Sweden charity foundation. Because no children should be part of war. Ever.

House Music for Peace & Love tracklist

  1. Dear Humans – Butterfly (Kon Faber’s Kotti Remix)
  2. Think City & Inessa feat Leonie Sky – Galactic Peace
  3. Rïa Mehta & Unseen. – Soul master
  4. Seba Campos – Una Hormiga (Dan Bay remix)
  5. Urmet K – We Can Get Through This
  6. Raj El Rey – Hope For A Better Day
  7. Lex Ludlow – Donkey Dub
  8. St Ego & Jomoss & Melaniya
  9. AELVA K – Hunt Of Happpiness
  10. Mono & Kusten – Lobo
  11. Umannto – Innerer Frieden
  12. Afronova – Mirage
  13. Regndans – Cangaceiro
  14. Menori – Regrow
  15. LØC – Converatins of a late Night

Everyone who works for free to make this album happen:
All the artists above.
Artwork by Ilaria (@rialgram) in Italy.
Promo by Tony Allen at Undrtoneagency London
Mastered by Johan Widel in Göteborg Sweden

Release date 15 Dec 2024