HMWL009: Sarajevski – Softlights Remixes (Sun City, Jamie De Von, Jamie Prado)

Sarajevski’s nightlife tribute ’Softlights’ feat Erika Rosén reached great heights with the likes of The Music Ninja, Popmuzik and Gaffa. Now three acclaimed producers – Sun City (Australia), Jamie Prado (Colombia) and Jamie De Von (Sweden) – imbue the Sarajevski debut with new life on the remix EP.

Sun City transform the ’Softlights’ into an uplifting energetic summer theme. Jamie Prado keeps exploring the tropical vibes with a track suitable for any poolside event. Rounding off the remix pack is the Swedish deep house producer Jamie De Von, who adds a darker and more twisted side to the dreamy original.


  1. Sarajevski – Softlights (Sun City Remix)
  2. Sarajevski – Softlights (Jamie Prado Remix)
  3. Sarajevski – Softlights (Jamie De Von Remix)