HMWL Presents Dante Tom

18-06-2021 | HMWL Presents

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Tomas Tranaka Dante Tom has spent a lifetime surrounded by music. As a young R’n’B and Hip Hop obsessed youth, he started his career singing, MCing and dancing, which lead him into the finals of the Czech X-Factor.

Since then Dante Tom has attended ToolroomAcademy, relocated to Berlin and got into producing timeless vocal deep house. His signature sound occupies the unique space between quality heads down underground club music and a warmer sound for wider crowds.

Invincible is about the golden years of youth filled with mistakes, heartbreak and intense emotions. It’s about the nostalgia for old times after the pandemic has rocked the world and changed everything we know. It’s a bittersweet love song to adolescence and the longing to be back in those times, with those people when so much time has passed. Says Szou and Tomas about the track.