Dan Bay, Gobi Desert, Idd Aziz – Hale


Artist(s): Dan Bay, Gobi Desert, Idd Aziz

Release Title: Hale

Label: House Music With Love

Release Date(s): 22th March 2024

The Afro house version from 2023 has passed 1M streams

Gobi Desert Collective: It was a super fun song to work on. Dan Bay used some beautiful keys and Idd his vocal sounds so good which made it really easy to work on this project

Lyrics in Swahili mean: Wipe your tears my dear . Don’t be sad, I’ll sell all my belongings and come back home and be with you “It’s a song for comforting my kids. Since I am never home and always out on tours I am telling them to not be sad, papa will be back home” Says Idd Aziz.