Aiwaska feat. Starving Yet Full – Lost Dream

02-04-2021 | HMWL026

AIWASKA is the new project from the mysterious producer with more than 20 years music background. He
makes hypnotic, spiritual sounds with organic elements and now Lost Dream is his new collaboration on
House Music With Love with Starving Yet Full, the iconic Azari & III vocalist.

“The song is about a friend’s breakup, who found out about the partner cheating habits and had a gut feeling about it (the dream) over & over!! But they were too lost in their partner charismatic nature (lost in their halo)
to see all the signs!” – Says the vocalist Starving Yet Full (Cedric Gasaida from Azari & III)

The single is a lush one with nice rubbery drums rolling deep, while gorgeous vocals soar up top. The melodies
gently fall down like a cosmic rain and the whole thing soothes the soul as you get lost in the emotions of it all.
A dub mix is included for paired back vibes and helps make this another essential outing from this vital new
artist alias.