Symbiosis of Sound: Brigado Crew on Chart-Topping Hits, Label Life, and Global Adventures

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Brigado Crew, the dynamic duo behind some of the most captivating beats in the electronic music scene. From their chart-topping debut single ‘Zulu’ to their innovative label, Symbiosis, they’ve continually pushed the boundaries of deep house and techno. Join us as we delve into their creative process, explore the challenges and rewards of running their own label, and get a sneak peek into their upcoming projects and global tour adventures. Discover how Brigado Crew seamlessly blend nostalgic 80s sounds with modern vibes, collaborating with inspiring artists like Crisstiano, and captivating audiences around the world with their electrifying performances.

Your debut single ‘Zulu’ topped the Beatport Deep House chart back in 2017. How did this early success influence your approach to music production and your career trajectory?

Well this was so important for us because it was a signal that we were on the right path, making the music we wanted to and having people respond really well to it.

‘Symbiosis’ was a significant milestone as your debut album. Can you share more about the creative process behind this album? Were there any particular influences or themes that shaped its sound?

Of course we were super influenced by 80s sounds, and we wanted to create a symbiosis and combination between the 80s sounds and the 2000s. That was the main source of inspiration for us.

Running your own label, Symbiosis, must come with its challenges and rewards. What have been some of the most rewarding moments for you as label owners? How do you balance your roles as musicians and label managers?

Being label owners is so beautiful! When you wake up and see an email with lots of new music ready for you to check out, the sensation of making a coffee and listening to what others producers send to us is incredible really. We love it so much!

Your latest release, ‘Time Slave’, is a collaboration with Crisstiano. Can you delve deeper into how your collaborative process has evolved over the years? Are there any specific aspects of Crisstiano’s style that you find particularly inspiring or complementary to your own?

We have worked a lot with Crisstiano over the years, and we have a great symbiosis with him (haha) and it’s a pleasure to work together. We love the dynamic and are always super happy with the results.

How was your showcase at the Studio Theatre in Cordoba? How did the event live up to your expectations and was there anything unexpected that occurred?

It was one of the biggest and most emotional shows we have ever had. Making it in Cordoba was so special for us, simply because we have so much love for this city and the crowd over there. Safe to say it was a dream come true!

You have an extensive tour schedule this year, including your first performances in Africa. What are you most looking forward to in exploring these new markets? How do you prepare for performances in regions where you might be performing for a new audience for the first time?

It is super exciting and feels like a new challenge for us. Exploring a new region is like to coming back to the old days, getting nervous and being very curious on how the crowd will be etc. We can’t wait!

With 12 new tracks in the pipeline, can you give us a sneak peek into the themes or styles you’re exploring in your upcoming releases? Are there any collaborations or experiments that fans should be particularly excited about?

We are changing our sound a bit! We want to explore some new strategies for our music and of course as is always in our catalogue we have some incredible collaborations coming soon with people we have never worked with before and we will continue working for a longggg time!

Looking back at your career so far, what do you consider to be the most pivotal moment or achievement? How do you envision the next phase of your journey as Brigado Crew?

We don’t feel like we have a significant movement that has made our career change a lot, but we always go step by step. Of course the achieve of #1 on Beatport and our first album on Stil vor Talent were very big highlights, but we believe it was always step by step.

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