Interview: Meet Ukrainian DJ/Producer & ETERNAL Label Boss Meyer

Renowned Ukrainian Melodic House & Techno talent Meyer steps up for the second release on his newly-formed ETERNAL imprint. Following the success of the launch EP, which featured remixes from respected names HEVI LEVI and Cosmic Boys, Meyer is back with an emphatic single in ‘Dirty Confessions’ as he kicks off 2024 with this undeniably immersive record. Download/Stream it here:

Meyer’s drive for innovation has seen him collaborate with renowned vocalists like SONYA KAY and SHADU and team up with the celebrated Miss Monique for releases on Siona Records. More recently, his newly formed ETERNAL Records imprint has elevated Meyer to new heights as he continues to showcase an ever-maturing passion for imparting his stylistic vision on the industry. His dedication to his craft and ability to deliver electrifying dance anthems have made him a mainstay on global stages and in music charts. Meyer’s adoration for music continues to fuel his journey, making him an unstoppable force in the electronic dance space with a legacy of constant evolution and a deep connection with his audience.

Hey Meyer, thanks for joining us today. Where are you talking to us from, and what have you been up to over the last few weeks?

Hey guys. I’m currently in Kyiv, Ukraine, working hard on making more music.

Tell us about the influence and vision behind ETERNAL Records.

ETERNAL Records has always been something of a dream of mine. I have always been thinking about attaching more independent talent and having free creative reign of my own productions. 

What artists have released music on ETERNAL, and what artists would you like to sign music from in future?

We have scheduled releases all the way into the first half of the year already. I can confirm two names on the remixing duties for now; we have an extremely talented man who needs no introduction, Nihil Young, and the other stellar talent is Das Pharaoh, one half of Aly & Fila. I want to keep the others under wraps for now. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But I am sure everyone will appreciate the names that will appear later this year.

What do you look for when curating releases for ETERNAL?

Honestly, I look for great ideas and talent behind it. It is a no-brainer if I like what the talent does and how the music sounds. If it clicks for me, then that is the answer. 

What release on your label has had the most significant impact and why?

We had a very good start with our first release with Shattered (feat. Moosa Saleem). It is doing really well, and people seem to be loving it.

What other labels are you currently enjoying and why?

I love to see what UV Noir, Octopus, Siona and AETERNA do. Each of these labels operates in its own way and tries to share that vision with the fans.

What is your favourite track ever released on the label, and why?

It is really hard to tell. I am very proud of what I did with Shattered. However, there is another track that will be coming out in March that I am most excited about. It is called The Reckoning, and it will be released on March 8, 2024

What characteristics make a good label boss?

I think you have to be laid back and authentic; you have to be honest with the possibilities of success and failure in this business and ensure you are staying on track and trying to deliver your message.

What advice do you have for other potential label bosses and aspiring artists?

Don’t listen to doubters, and don’t let the rejection stop you in your tracks. Make sure you hone that skill of production that will allow you to stand out and make a mark. 

Lastly, what can we expect from ETERNAL in the coming months?

5-6 new tracks in the pipeline will be attached with remixers. A lot of talent is on my radar, and I would love to see them involved with ETERNAL.