HMWL chat to Indian House aficionado Stalvart John about his new single ‘Enkiama’ plus more

Dynamite Disco Club boss Stalvart John marks his return to the label with ‘Enkiama’ – an Afro influenced Tech House banger that blends bouncy basslines with Massai vocals creating an infectious rhythm that promises to keep you moving from start to finish.

The track’s heartbeat lies in the call and response created through vocals which as Stalvart describes is, “A marriage between happy and dark side of life”, and aim to infuse the song with a cultural depth. The underlying bassline and drums keep your feet moving and the track stands testament to Stalvart’s ability to blend diverse musical elements into a cohesive whole – something he takes inspiration from his DJ sets to apply to his production.

As the label grows from strength to strength, stands out as a shining example of what makes it and its founder so special.As we look forward to more releases from Dynamite Disco Club, ‘Enkiama’ stands out as a shining example of what makes this label and its founder so special.

We catch up with Stalvart John and talk about his new single, inspirtations, indian roots & floor fillers…


HMWL: Hey Stalvart John, Great to meet you! What’s happening in your world at the minute?

Stalvart John: Hello guys, Great to meet you. It’s off season here in India right now so there’s time for Studio and Self Reflection 🙂

HMWL: Can you enlighten us on the meaning of your artist name?

Stalvart John: My artist name is my actual name, i.e. Stalvart John. That’s my real name. It’s a slight variation from “Stalwart” which means strong and sturdy, robust, solid, dependable, and courageous. I have cool parents that way

HMWL: Congratulations on releasing ‘Enkiama ‘. Talk us through the release, What was the Inspiration behind it?

Stalvart John: I wanted to create a summer track for the dance floor. Starting with the Maasai vocal sample, I had one version of the track which was totally different and was a bit confusing. So I dropped that altogether and worked on this straightforward, meant for the dancefloor version that you are hearing now.

HMWL: What inspired you to embark on this journey with Music?

Stalvart John: I was a music lover from a very young age. And my uncle is a painter and a sculptor. So I got my inspiration to follow my love for what made me happy from him.

HMWL: Can you describe the connection between your music and your South Indian roots, and how they continue to influence your music today?‍

Stalvart John: The sound of south Indian music never connected with me in my young age but the ethos and ideas of those musicians kinda helped me understand the facts about music fast. How music can be created with the limitations and I didnt have to read from Leonardo da Vinci about “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. I got those ideas from the south indian musicians.

HMWL: What has been the highlight of your career so far? Can you talk about a specific moment or accomplishment that stands out as particularly meaningful to you?

Stalvart John: Creating my record label Dynamite Disco Club and the disco and house music community in the country is my biggest accomplishment so far. 9 years ago, I moved to Bangalore with nothing, now we run the best disco and house music community in the country. Also I find immense satisfaction in helping others and mentoring others. I have close to 20 students who are part of the mentorship program I do every year.

HMWL: Can you share some insight into your creative process when producing music? Do you have any particular rituals or methods that help you stay inspired?‍

Stalvart John: Initially I was someone who was looking for inspiration but later after working with so many creative people, I realized that it’s a continuous process. You get up everyday and try to create. Some Days it works, some days it doesn’t. But the most important thing is you get up and TRY.

HMWL Can you tell us about any challenges you have faced in your career and how you overcame them? Have there been any specific obstacles or difficulties you’ve had to navigate as an electronic musician?

Stalvart John: My recent self discovery was that I am someone who likes challenges. I dropped college and took up DJing, Did odd jobs to fund this passion, then moved to a different city with no money, started everything from zero, learnt music production from youtube videos, started working with record label, built a community, started doing my own events, started a record label, now figuring out next big step. So I think for me the idea is to find obstacles consciously or subconsciously and overcome them.

HMWL: What advice would you give to aspiring musicians trying to make it in the industry? Are there any particular tips or strategies you’ve found to be particularly effective in building a career as an electronic musician?

Stalvart John: Best advice is to be persistent and value the time, yours and others. Don’t run behind trends, you will run all your life because new trends pop up every week. One of the best strategies  is to  understand your identity and what you stand for. Work for it. The Stoic idea of working is a very effective way for any career.

HMWL: As someone deeply rooted in the House & Disco scene, what state is it in right now? What notable artists are emerging?

Stalvart John: When I talk to artists around the world I always get mixed signals. But I feel it’s one of the most stable scenes in the world, it’s not huge but stable. In India, it’s still a very small scene. Some of the notable emerging artists are Ishxn and Shasha from Pune.

HMWL: When you are not busy with music, what might we find you doing?

Stalvart John: I am into movies and documentaries.  I consume a lot of pop culture.

HMWL: What’s next for you?

Stalvart John: I think I am ready for a new challenge. So still figuring out what that is.

HMWL: Finally, tell us about 3 about three of your best dancefloor fillers?

Groove P – Are They Real

This one is an absolute dance floor filler. It’s a single groove, but the groove is so good that Groove P could just keep the dancefloor going with just those things. I have gotten good results everywhere I dropped it.


Young Pulse – Shake Your Body Down (Disco Mix)

One of my favorite producers these days. This one takes me back to the true essence of dancefloor. Once you are hooked to this gem you are gonna lose yourself.


Rubber People, Super Disco Club – Body Movin’

This one has been working just fine on the dance floor for the last three months. Going to the breaks in the middle gives the reaction that we never expected. Loved dropping these


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