Exclusive Interview – HMWL speak with the Pieces Of Life Collective

Fresh off the back of their fourth edition of the Masterpieces VA series release, we caught up with the Pieces Of Life family to get a deeper understanding on the story behind the collective and what makes their releases, events & more so unique.


HMWL – Hi guys, great to have the chance to speak with you today. Can you give our readers a brief introduction to who you each are and your role within the collective?

POL – Hi, thanks for having us, it’s a pleasure to have a chat with you!

Currently Pieces Of Life is comprised of 3 DJs/Producers who are Yamil, Clemente and Thimble, our manager/label manager Borja and Laura Cruz, the graphic artist and visual designer who is behind the brand identity.

HMWL – Let’s go back to the very beginning, could you tell us about the inspiration behind the creation of Pieces Of Life and how the label and collective have evolved since its inception in late 2019?

POL – The origin story of Pieces Of Life dates back to late 2019 when Yamil and Borja decided to create a label to unleash Yamil’s artistic creativity and not depend on the dominant labels of the moment. That’s when the idea of setting up a collective came up, so we quickly joined forces with Clemente and Thimble, who also shared the same musical inclinations and together we shape the label as we know it today. From the first moment, we knew that we needed a strong identity and so Laura Cruz, a Madrid-based artist and illustrator, with whom we (Borja & Yamil) shared common friends, appeared, and became part of the team to take care of all the visual part. All the designs and covers of the label are carefully handmade by her.

HMWL – Can you share some insights into how you select collaborators and artists to work with? What criteria do you consider when choosing individuals to join the Pieces Of Life collective?

Currently 85% of the music we release through POL is produced by ourselves, but we always leave room for artists or friends we admire professionally.  When selecting collaborators and artists for our releases, we focus on finding talent that shares our creative vision. We value originality, innovation and a passion for experimentation, making sure they are aligned with our ethics and artistic philosophy.

HMWL – Pieces Of Life has gained recognition from industry leaders such as Rüfüs Du Sol, Black Coffee, Dixon & Ame. How do you cultivate and maintain these relationships within the electronic music community?

POL – These relationships are generated through mutual respect, admiration for each other’s work and for other projects that share our vision, we also believe that doing things with love and maintaining high quality standards has been important players to reach the ears of these big names and for that we are very grateful. The support of top artists has been instrumental in elevating Pieces of Life’s trajectory and reputation, broadening our reach and attracting a more diverse and global audience.

HMWL – Let’s talk about your latest release, “Masterpieces 4”. What was the vision or concept behind this compilation, and what do you hope to achieve with its release?

POL – The main idea behind this compilation is to drop four songs that are 100% focused on the dancefloor, it’s an Ep in where we not only include our own music but also music from artists we like, remixes of old tracks from our catalogue or random remixes that doesn’t make sense to release as singles or in other EPs. At first, we didn’t know if this was going to work but we are already on volume 4 and the reception has been very good. It’s like a treat for the DJ’s since the four songs don’t have to follow a similar musical line but they do work on the dancefloor.

HMWL – In what ways does “Masterpieces 4” represent the ethos and artistic identity of Pieces Of Life?

POL – It represents us 100% because it is mainly focus on quality music, a space created for experimentation without getting carried away by the trends of the moment. We include collaborators that we really like regardless of their number or how well known they are, the only important thing here is the music.

HMWL – Looking towards the future, what are the plans and aspirations that Pieces Of Life has for the label and collective? How do you envision continuing to push boundaries and challenge musical conventions?

POL – Our main goal in the medium/long term is to release a joint album of the three members as “Pieces Of Life” that encompasses who we are as artists and represents our sound together, it is true that we three together play several times a year and collaborate on singles/eps separately but we have the thorn in our side to have an album produced by ourself where we can express and shape our own sound. We are currently working on it and experimenting a lot, we want to make a work that will mark a before and after in our career, so we are not in a hurry but sooner rather than later it will come.

HMWL – Can you share any upcoming projects or collaborations that fans of Pieces Of Life can look forward to?

POL – When it comes to releases, our next big project is Yamil’s second LP, set to be released at the end of the year. However, you can expect some singles from this album in the coming months. It’s a very special piece of work as it’s composed solely by Yamil, without any collaborators. It’s a piece that delves into the Universal Language of music and is sure to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, around this project, we’ll also be dropping several remixes from some of our favorite artists of the moment, so there’ll be plenty of new music in the pipeline over the next months.

HMWL – How does Pieces Of Life engage with its audience and fans to create a sense of community and connection?

POL – We engage with our audience and fans in several ways to foster a sense of community and connection. One strategy is through active participation on social media platforms such as Instagram where we share sneak peeks of upcoming projects, organize contests regularly where fans can win vinyl records, merchandise, or tickets to our events and interact directly with followers through comments, likes, and direct messages providing an opportunity for fans to feel heard and valued.

Furthermore, organizing events where we can connect with our fans in person is key to strengthening the bond between the brand and our community, thereby expanding our reach and engaging with new audiences. By creating a network of like-minded individuals, we cultivate a sense of belonging and connection among our followers.

HMWL – Finally, could you elaborate on the role that visual arts play within Pieces Of Life’s creative process and overall aesthetic?

POL – Certainly! Visual arts play a pivotal role within Pieces Of Life’s creative process and overall aesthetic and it serve as a powerful tool to convey our message, evoke emotions, and establish a strong connection with our audience.

All the album covers and designs are created by Madrid-based artist Laura Cruz from the very beginning. These artworks not only serve as a representation of the music but also contribute to the overall identity and branding of the label.

Moreover, visual arts are integrated into Pieces Of Life’s promotional materials or social media posts to create a cohesive and immersive experience for fans. Whether it’s sharing captivating visuals on Instagram, designing eye-catching flyers for events, or creating aesthetically pleasing merchandise, we ensure that every aspect of our visual identity resonates with our audience.

Buy and stream Masterpieces 4 here & keep up to date with all things Pieces Of Life here.