Electronic music titan Sasha Carassi drops Memoria EP via the Truesol imprint

Electronic music maestro Sasha Carassi has released his latest offering Memoria EP on 5 July, via Adam Beyer’s imprint Truesoul. Memoria EP is a two-track belter illustrating why Sasha has remained at the forefront of the electronic music scene for decades. The Italian producer, DJ and composer Sasha Carassi has crafted an expansive and impactful career since stepping onto the scene at just 15-years-old. 

Sasha Carassi shares “I share an association with Adam Beyer that goes back to 2010, when I debuted on Drumcode Records with my Hypercombo EP. I also contributed to the collaborative EP The Napoli Connection on DC a year later, and contributed the track ‘The Hard Parade’ to A-Sides Vol.3 via Drumcode in 2015 which was a huge highlight for me. My return to Beyer’s labels mark a full circle moment for me, as I’ve always had a foot in both Techno and House.”

Carassi has released music on Harthouse, Drumcode Records, FLASH and Sleaze to name just a few. In 2009 he founded the imprint Phobiq, which was hailed as one of the most revered Techno labels at the time. He recently parted ways with Phobiq and established his new label ILINX, which perfectly encapsulates his views on music. Last year, Sasha toured the US and Canada, played at Zamna Festival in Mexico, Amnesia in Ibiza, Kappa FuturFestival in Italy, as well as his own party OWN at Umoya Natural Experience in Italy.

Currently based in Napoli, Sasha started his musical journey as a DJ in the 90’s and quickly became a heavyweight producer after the release of his debut album in 2002. Influenced by House music and Breakbeat, these releases saw him take a new direction with his sound, dabbling in the darker, big-room side of Techno. Although his sonic identity leans towards the more darker side of the Techno, nowadays he doesn’t box himself in with specific genres as it feels quite limiting for him. Being able to freely express his emotions, as well as merging and balancing different influences is what he finds most fulfilling. Sasha is highly respected and admired within the electronic music industry. Not just for his work ethic, knowledge or impressive skills, but also for his ability to take risks with his sound and artistry. Sasha adds, “I love listening to everything, I’m inspired by a lot of different things, from Burial to Daft Punk, David Bowie and Aphex Twin“. 

‘Memoria’ is a raver’s dream with a powerfully distinct melody, captivating layers and a spellbinding beat. ‘Memoria’ is dramatic and enthralling with a futuristic feel to it. It’s the perfect balance between grit and innovation. ‘WRHS’ is the second track on the EP, and sees Sasha take a more percussive direction with the use of iconic drum synths. With heavy, distorted vocals, as well as a commanding beat and bassline, ‘WRHS’ fervently holds its own. 

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Image credit: Raffaele Aquilante