Various Artists – UnEarthed Delights Part III (Deep House 2023/Melodic House/Techno 2023) [Earthly Delights]

‘UnEarthed Delights Part III’ is a new compilation by the Earthly Delights record label that’s split into two halves. Covering a wide spread of genres ranging from organic house to melodic house/techno, each half includes ten tracks.

It’s an intriguing compilation that features new remixes of classic tracks from the label’s back catalogue, releases of popular tracks, and a selection of unreleased originals. Included is Him_Self_Her’s remix of Dave Seaman’s “Distraction Tactics” which was first released in 2015 for example.

Remixes include Earthly Delights regular Inámo, who reworks Raw Main’s track “Lux & Umbra” and Tayu remixing Roi Okev’s “Gosa”. Each of the remixes reinvigorates a track that had already proven popular within the Earthly Delights catalogue.

Some of the previously unreleased original productions come from Earthly Delights favourites like Aston Alba who presents his new track “Kairos”. Other artists such as Michelangelo are making their Earthly Delights debut with their contribution to this epic release.

In some senses, it’s quite a complicated release due to there being lots of tracks from different sources, and at a glance, it’s hard to tell what’s 100% new and what’s not. On the other hand, it’s bound together by a simple concept of all the tracks having the common cause of being good music.

There is something for fans of all deep and melodic genres, so it’s a release that deserves to be deep-dived to discover all the hidden treasures that UnEarthed Delights Part III has to offer.

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