Securing 1,000 Plays for Your Track on Spotify: Navigating the 2024 Royalties Changes

The Spotify Shift

I hear a lot of angry voices complaining about Spotify’s new royalty strategi. Some call it “paying small artists even less”. I don’t agree. The whole fuss is about this: Starting from 2024 if your track accumulates less than 1,000 streams during a 12 month period, Spotify won’t be contributing to your earnings for that specific track.

I don’t really see the point of all the ruckus. it’s just 3 plays per day. In any case here is your blueprint for passing your first 1,000 streams in two weeks. You can do it. Both on new releases and back catalogue.

Strategies to Reach 1,000 Plays

1. Friends’ Influence: Early Traction

Mobilize Your Inner Circle: Kindly Ask 100 friends to follow your Spotify artist profile. You can do so long before the release date. This ensures your track appears in their discovery feeds and in their Release Radar playlist on the release day, netting you the initial 50-100 plays approximately.

2. Personal Connections: Social Media Outreach

Release day Messaging: On the release day, send genuine messages to 200 friends and contacts via FB and Instagram who you know genuinely appreciate you and your music. “Hello Buddy / Brother / Dear / Love – check out my single out on Spotify today + link” A simple request can result in an additional 100 plays.

3. Leveraging Friendships: Inner Circle Support

Share and Play: Ask five of your best friends to play your new five times during the first week. Ask them not to skip any of the track to keep your skip rate ultra low.  Also, request them to share your new single on their social media, Facebook profiles, Instagra stories, etc… That’s what friends are for. 75 more plays.

4. Email Strategy: Utilizing Past Conversations

Inbox Dive: Go back six months in your music-related emails. Reconnect with artists, labels, curators, and others. “Hi Jef, remember when we talked about 90s house classics at this ADE party and I told you about my forthcoming EP? The first single is out today. Curios to know what you think!” A personalized email can potentially yield 50-100 more plays.

5. Visual Appeal: Instagram Approach

Instagram-Share: Share your track on Instagram stories, whether through a Spotify canvas, a few reels or stories variations of you performing the track or talking about your new track in first person. Or just use some good looking stock videos if you are camera shy. Share these 5-10 times during the first two weeks post-release, garnering 200 additional plays.

6. Playlist Impact: Featuring Yourself

Craft a Spotify Playlist you would listen to: Create a playlist with your top 20 favorite artists, placing your track in the top 5. Share it on IG stories, tagging all the artists involved. They might love it and share it too. Do a follow-up story with the full track list in text and the Spotify link. Voila 100 more plays (+ some playlist followers)

7. Leverage Spotify curators on Sumbithub.

Strategic Investment: Invest $20 in 20 credits on Sumbithub. Choose your Spotify curators wisely – properly check their playlists to see if your music really fits. In the final step add message: “Thanks for listening. I will make sure to share your playlist on Instagram if you like and add my track”. This will raise your chances for approval and get you 100-1,000 more plays.

The Result

Following these 7 steps, you can surpass 1,000 streams in less than two week.   t looks good on your Spotify profile to actually have a 1,000+ number next to your track and also eliminates concerns about missing out on the royalties. Now carry on producing more amazing music. <3

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