Santa Cruz based Atrym shares new single Odyssey and talks influences and inspiration

Meet Atrym, the rising star in the California’s electronic music scene. Hailing from San Fransisco, currently in Santa Cruz, Atrym has been captivating audiences with his unique blend of melodic house music. Recently, he has released his latest single “Odyssey” which showcases his signature style of intricate beats and soaring melodies.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Atrym to learn more about his background, creative process, and future plans. In this article, we delve deep into his journey as an artist and gain insight into his inspirations and aspirations. Join us as we get to know Atrym and explore the world of electronic music through his eyes.

 Congratulations on the release of your new track “Odyssey”! Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the track and how you approached producing it?

ATRYM: The idea came to me on a drive I was doing from Santa Cruz to Southern California. I was reminded that life is full of unexpected moments. I wanted to capture the energy that life brings from one moment to the next, so you’ll hear a lot of that in my song. I started with a lush atmospheric pad and built the entire track around that. To add some groove, I added percussion and the rest of the drum breaks. To keep the energy flowing – I finally added on the arps and crafted the melody. All these things combined, it felt like I was able to capture what I called an ‘Odyssey’.

HMWL: You’ve been making music for several years now, with a distinctive style that blends melodic and atmospheric elements with driving beats. How would you describe your sound to someone who’s never heard it before?

ATRYM: Lane 8 meets Rufus Du Sol meets Duke Dumont. I wouldn’t consider myself a traditional house artist by any means, but instead I like to span genre boundaries to create something new. You’ll hear a combination of rhythmic harmonies, driving bass, and grooving drum patterns in most likely in a 4/4 dance structure – to get people off their feet and hook them in for something interesting and exciting.

HMWL:  When it comes to producers and composers both in electronic and other genres who are your biggest influences and how do they shape your sound?

ATRYM: Tycho was one of the first electronic artists I latched onto as a designer by trade, he’s inspired me to push my sound in new ways. I saw him perform in a really intimate setting once and I got to do a meet and greet, where I fell in love with his creative process. Boards of Canada is also one that comes to mind because their sound is incredible. Anjunadeep label has become a favorite – a really solid roster of artists including Ben Bohmer. I also really find artists like Hayden James, Lane 8, and Odesza inspiring – for always pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music.

Lane 8 meets Rufus Du Sol meets Duke Dumont. I wouldn’t consider myself a traditional house artist by any means, but instead I like to span genre boundaries to create something new.

HMWL:  In addition to producing music, you also DJ and perform live. How do you approach these different facets of your artistic career, and how do they inform each other?

ATRYM: It’s strange to admit, but I only started DJing in the last year and it has taught me so much about creating music and engaging a crowd. I have learned more about what gets the crowd moving and what might chill them out. I look at DJing and playing live much like a production – only you are in control of the result of your creation. In the case of a live performance, my hope is to create a show that is enticing and delightful enough that it makes the crowd come back for a totally new rendition. It hopefully will never feel the same as the time before, combining art and music to create a 360 experience.

HMWL:  Looking ahead, what are your plans for the rest of 2023? Any upcoming releases, collaborations, or live shows that you’re particularly excited about?

ATRYM: Firstly I have a ton more music lined up for release, which I am thrilled about and can’t wait to share (including some surprise collaborations!). I am lining up some DJ sets around the San Francisco Bay area this summer – playing a rooftop day party with Dirty South in August, which I am stoked about. I’m hoping to play enough this year that I can go on a small tour next year with a whole new live performance to share. I would love to see you there!