Brazilian Progressive House exponent André Moret arrives at Sebastian Busto’s Moonlight with the EP “Valley of Feelings”

Two of the three tracks that make up the release have already been played by Hernan Cattaneo on his RESIDENT podcast

by Nicolle Prado


If you don’t already follow the Brazilian electronic scene, then you have a lot to discover. It’s not that long ago that DJs and producers from the country stood out for the quality of their productions, charisma and unique sound, but in recent years, the plurality of their sounds has proven that Brazil is a very fertile land when it comes to Dance Music. If we look at the tip of the iceberg, we can already see an impressive number of artists conquering the world, and we can see that; but if we dig a little deeper, there are even more rarities to be discovered. 

One of these names is certainly André Moret, an exponent of the progressive lines of House and Techno. This artist has a synergistic sound, translated into music that overflows with feeling, connects easily with the audience and even gets them dancing incessantly. It’s no wonder that he has attracted the attention of important labels such as The Soundgarden and Plattenbank; top positions in the Beatport charts and has also won over big names in the scene such as Sébastien Légere, John Digweed and Hernan Cattaneo – the latter of whom has supported his music more than ten times, including his most recent release, which we’re about to delve into.

The work in question is the “Valley of Feelings” EP, which hit the platforms last Friday (25), embraced by Moonlight, owned by Sebastian Busto, a DJ and producer renowned in the progressive house scene. Although recent, the label’s curation has been impressive and this release was no different. 

As the name suggests, in the three tracks, Moret takes us on a deep journey into the valley of feelings, bringing out emotions and sensations that had been dormant until then, through his engaging arrangements and sublime ambience. This without neglecting the bold elements that bring energy to the productions and perfectly match the tracks. As mentioned, Cattaneo has already tested two of the three tracks on his recent RESIDENT episodes and has proven their power and versatility in sets. 


Listen to “Valley Of Feelings”:


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