“Playing to 15k people at Zamna Festival was absolutely crazy” Capoon interview

Belgian artist Capoon makes deep, hypnotic, melodic house and has previously released on labels like Rebellion, Natura Viva and MoBlack. Drawing inspiration from emotion rather than function, the rising artist makes music with a palpable mood and story-telling aesthetic, evoking a heady atmosphere with every release.

For those that don’t know your story, please can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to be a musician…

I played the guitar in a local band since a young age. After we played some great gigs, I wanted to do more with that. The technical part of all show aspects really kept me going and I ended up studying theatre technics in secondary school. We got the chance to play multiple instruments and get to know another side of being an artist versus technician. After my graduation I received my bachelor in Audio Engineering with a focus on studio recording. It was hard to compose your music and finding like-minded musicians willing to record, so I decided to study synthesis and piano to create sounds and instruments I don’t play. In that time, I was a DJ at the infamous Café d’Anvers in Antwerp, Belgium. After some time, I was playing support for the greatest artists on earth, and I was willing to build a profile that was not only a DJ.

Who have been your biggest musical influences throughout your life and career?

I always tend to put a lot of emotion in my music. I’m a huge fan of Thom Yorke and Radiohead in general.

Both personally and professionally, who have been your biggest supporters in your career so far?

My parents and my granddad for sure. They also gave me the opportunity to go out and study what I wanted. I want to thank Bedouin, Lost Desert and Daniel Bovie for their continuous support and help the past years.

In terms of live performance, is there a moment that stands in your mind when you felt on top of the world?

CORE Tulum was one of the main moments in 2023 so far. Playing at the end event of a sold out 15K visitors Zamna Festival was absolutely crazy.

If you could curate your own show anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would be on the lineup?

That’s a good one since it’s only my 2nd year touring. I haven’t seen it all yet compared to other artists, but with what I know now I would probably go for Tulum. The setting is perfect for my music and atmosphere. Henrik Schwarz, Damian Lazarus, Bedouin, Stavroz & Stimming.

As the world gets increasingly more tense, what role do you think music can play in bringing people together?

My vision in general is to put a wide variety of influences in my music. Bringing a lot of different nationalities together is my main goal in the music. Also, with great respect of their ancestry and cultural background.

Can you tell us about some of the music you have coming up this year?

I’ll be back at one of my favorite homes for my music very soon, which I have released the most music on (guess!). Also, there’s an EP coming in May with a more African inspired focus. In the end of this summer, I’ll have a remix on Guy Laliberté’s Wanna Be A Frog remix. I did some collaborations with very known artists of which I can’t tell more about at this point. Very exciting!

What does success look like to you in 2023?

More touring outside the EU. There are so many more venues to discover that will fit my music perfectly. But I’m also focusing on a great Ibiza summer to test a lot of new records out!