Norwegian producer Gouldian Finch shares a synth-driven, unique new single “Like A Magnet”

Martin Horntveth, known for his influential work with Jaga Jazzist and The National Bank, has ventured into the realm of solo artistry as Gouldian Finch. His latest release, “Like A Magnet”, a chilled-out house track featuring Marius D. Hagen from Team Me, arrives with two captivating remixes.

“Like a Magnet (radio edit)” pays homage to the 2000s house music, delivering infectious melodies and entrancing vocal effects. The blend of male and female vocals creates a dreamlike atmosphere, with an ambient dance vibe in the Burnt Friedman remix. The remixes breathe fresh life into the track; one infuses pulsating synths and piano, adding a unique dimension, while the “Gouldamadin” remix by Jamie Lidell, introduces haunting chords while string arrangements harmonise with longing vocals. Horntveth’s diverse musical expertise, honed through various collaborations and contributions to television and film, solidifies his position as a multifaceted artist in the industry.

Martin tells us, “Marius (Team Me) and I go way back. Ever since their first release, we’ve been in touch and have built something that has resulted in several collaborations and a strong friendship.

“Marius was at the top of my list when I was looking for vocals, but more importantly as a composer and lyricist. The only reference I gave him was Daft Punk’s ‘Instant Crush ft. JulianCasablancas,’ where two very different musical expressions come together. Marius took on the challenge with open arms, and I am incredibly happy with the results.”Marius D. Hagen says, “The lyrics are about creating new pathways in the brain out of sheer desperation in the face of all the negative things happening in the world. But also, like a magnet to the negative.This is one of the very few songwriting collaborations I have ever done. The process flows seamlessly, with ideas coming naturally on their own. I responded directly to Martin’s music and never had to over-analyse. Always a good sign!”

Listen to “Like A Magnet” below

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