Norwegian enigmatic producer Gouldian Finch blends jazz, electronica and experimental on powerful new album..

Gouldian Finch‘s album, “Hatch”, is a sonic journey that seamlessly weaves through various genres, showcasing Martin Horntveth’s remarkable versatility. “Like a Magnet” sets the stage with nostalgic 2000s house vibes, blending male and female vocals to create a dreamy atmosphere. 

The hip-hop influence in “This Year” featuring Vuyo adds a dynamic twist reminiscent of Kanye West, complete with distorted guitars. The focus track, “Breathe”, featuring Loney, Dear, is a symphony of strings, synths and lively drums, elevating the album’s depth. Instrumental gems like “Algorithm” and “Gouldamadin” contribute energetic cinematic elements. Horntveth’s production prowess shines throughout, offering a rich and diverse listening experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Martin says, “I’ve been contemplating creating this album since the early 2000s, but the process has always been interrupted by some better-paying gig or project. Most importantly, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to “land” on a sound that would encompass everything. It was only when I decided to put everything I love into the same pot that it clicked, and it made sense to release the music.”

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