narou shares gorgeous, RnB influenced organic house journey “otherside”

Berlin-based producer, narou, is back with an emotive and rich album, “otherside”. With polished production, glossy electronic textures, and intimate songwriting, the artist seamlessly steps into each world of Rnb, indie-tinged and moody alt-pop. narou’s vocals are filled with a rich depth yet possess a soft quality.

Throughout the project, electric guitars can be heard in layered melodies with effects to create a dreamy feel. This can be heard prominently in the track, “how to get there”, featuring Andrew Applepie’s twinkling guitar plucking. Opening track, “into the light” sets the tone for the start of the project, with smooth synths and booming bassline, creating a lush Rnb ambience. 

The talented producer blends soulful feels with a more upbeat and energetic drum pattern in tracks such as, “upside down”, “low tide”, and “again and again”. Dreamy pulsing synths in “strawberry fields” and “hombre” envelop listeners in a warm embrace, alongside narou’s lyrics brimming with emotion and a sense of longing. The versatility showcased in each track breathes new life into the music, resulting in a refreshing soulful atmosphere.

Discussing the new album, narou explains: “Introducing “otherside”, my debut album which will take you on a journey from the darkest depths to a place of pureness, where love and life flow effortlessly. This is an album that celebrates the beauty of transformation, the power of growth and the joy of finding a new place to call home. Through “otherside”, you’ll be transported into a world of melodic rhythms and heart-stirring lyrics that speak to the very essence of your being. This album is a tribute to the path that led me to this place and the triumph that comes with overcoming life’s challenges. 

During the pandemic, I embarked on a journey, spending over a year in Bali. It was there that I crafted all the songs on this album using just my computer and a guitar. These songs serve as a vibrant manifesto, reflecting my experiences and the realization that I am now living the life I have always dreamed of. This collection of stories and lyrics celebrates my escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, immersing myself fully in nature, and discovering the profound truth that life encompasses so much more than mere work. I made it to the otherside where life is abundant and I am truly at peace.“

Listen to the full album below

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photo credit – Jenna Bitar