“Movie” Is the Ultimate Summer Groove from Saïna and Jackson Homer

Released via French Label Sidekick Music

Saïna and Jackson Homer have returned with their third infectious and groovy track, “Movie”. Exploring the enchanting interplay between fantasy and cinematic aesthetics, this dynamic track resonates with our own real-life experiences of love, as the perfect anthem for this summer.

Renowned for her neo-soul and Rnb flair, singer, songwriter, and producer Saïna takes her signature style to new heights, teaming up with the electronic producer, Jackson Homer. Together, they effortlessly blend soulful melodies with electronic synths, complemented by a drum kit that propels the song forward.

With an irresistibly catchy hook that seizes your ears from the first note, “Movie” showcases the additional melodic production from producer, J.Ar.J. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Kaytranada and SG Lewis, the creators have skillfully crafted a seamless yet impactful track, delivering a perfect blend of silky-smooth vibes yet a punchy energy.Saïna comments on the creation of the track, “Jack & I always sit down and manage to churn out a track within a few hours – this was another one of those examples. As a typical Pisces, I’m always in a fantasy world of my own, so I decided to channel this through my lyrics, for listeners to step inside.”

Listen to “Movie” in full below

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