Mark Lower Explores Soulful Funk & Disco on New Remix

Peppermint Heaven‘s “Disco Lights” gets an electrifying makeover with Mark Lower‘s remix, taking the nu-disco style to new heights. This legendary remix EP presents three distinct interpretations of the throwback hit, and Mark Lower’s contribution stands out as a thrilling, modern take on the retro sound.

Mark Lower’s remix exudes unfiltered nu-disco energy, infusing the track with a fresh and infectious groove. The bass stabs are a highlight, delivering a pulsating rhythm that’s impossible to resist. From start to finish, this remix keeps the nu-disco style alive, making it a high-tempo, funk-filled anthem that’s perfect for both club nights and retro dance parties.

Peppermint Heaven’s ability to collaborate with diverse talents shines through in this project. Mark Lower’s unique spin on “Disco Lights” is a testament to their forward-thinking approach to music. With its arpeggiated synths and funky bass elements, this remix is a sensational piece of modern disco that will have you grooving and captivated by its originality.

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