IV-IN – So Many Nights (Downtempo/Organic House 2023) [Leveldva]

Out now, is a downtempo/organic house release by IV-IN on the Leveldva record label, which features five tracks that are presented as a mini album titled ‘So Many Nights’.

IV-IN has a dark and moody style that gives his music a raw emotion that unfolds within the gritty tones of his powerful vocals, as he mixes his skills as a songwriter with electronic music production.

He is an artist who likes to experiment without the restrictions of what’s standard within a genre and the outcome is a distinctive style that fuses rock music with downtempo melodic house.

Not only does IV-IN sing his own vocals, but he is also a talented musician who plays guitar chords alongside powerful synth melodies.

The Moon is Rising” opens the release with a sombre vibe that orientates around lyrics singing about the sun setting. The next track “Crawling on My Knees” has a strong synth bass and poignant piano chords layered with IV-IN’s trademark vocal style.

Run to the River” has namesake lyrics and plodding guitar chords nestled with stripped-back percussion and “Save Us” is another atmospheric cut with spacious sound design and dark atmosphere. “Insane” is another ethereal track that closes out the release with trumpets and lo-fi guitar chords on a beat without a kick drum.

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