ITAI – Speedy Gonzales (Organic House 2023/Latin House 2023) [The Teddy Bear Lounge]

Out now is a new organic house release by ITAI who brings a Latin flavour to his new single “Speedy Gonzales.”

As the title suggests, Speedy Gonzales is influenced by Mexico and Central America where ITAI has visited to play gigs and experience the local culture. He is a well-travelled person whose music often takes inspiration from the sights and sounds of his trips.

When it comes to making music, ITAI is a saxophone player turned electronic music producer, live act and DJ. He blends live instruments with sequenced percussion and synth sounds to create a unique style of organic house that often has undertones of jazz.

Speedy Gonzales” is part of a series on The Teddy Bear Lounge which is the record label run by ITAI, and the track is part of a series called The Unfinished Project. The Unfinished Project releases tracks in chapters where each piece of music tells part of an overarching story, and this is the sixth chapter.

After a percussive opening, the track’s funky bassline starts to lift the energy, plus vocal chants and whistles help create a carnival atmosphere. Flamenco guitars filter in and give the track the feel of a mariachi band. As it progresses, it continues to build in energy, and an arpeggio synth line closes out the track in its final section.

It’s a very accomplished track that at times makes you forget it’s electronic music, because all the live parts blend so seamlessly with the sequenced sounds. There is already a lot of hype building around ITAI, and this release is testament to why he is being held in such high regard.

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