Interview: Varski on the Music Industry, WNDRLND Ibiza, His Perfect Havoc Deal & More

Known as the ultimate showman and party frontman, Varski has been making moves for almost a decade. With famous charm and charisma to spare, the lovable character was once the go-to global tour DJ for MTV Dance, hosting the Dance Show on Club MTV and opening the MTV EMAs alongside Eminem and Stormzy. Still, these days he is deeply immersed in the studio. 

Varski has achieved many commendable feats with his music, from having his single ‘When The Bass Goes’ synced to a Lucozade TV campaign to releasing on Macky Gee’s label and picking up support from James Hype and Sigala. More recently, and marking a more accessible sound from the Varski studio, new music has included the New State Music signed ‘Gravity’ and his debut on the chart-topping Perfect Havoc, ‘Hypnotic’. Varski continues to make serious strides, capturing the ears of an ever-growing fanbase with his quality productions.

Varski is one of several impressive acts to feature throughout this year’s WNDRLND schedule at Ibiza’s illustrious Eden venue. This summer the surrealist party moves to Wednesdays from 24th May to 20th September with an all-new Enchanted Garden theme and a vocal and uplifting soundtrack from the likes of Jess Bays, Belters Only, Lovely Laura, Ben Santiago, PBH & Jack, Maur, Product Of Us, Mark Robinson, Charlie Sparks b2b Parfait and many more. To secure tickets to this magical party paradise, head to

With a busy schedule of releases and performances in the pipeline for the rest of 2023, including the Asylum Talent takeover at WNDRLND / Eden Ibiza on 19th July, we caught up with Varski for an immersive chat: 

How did you first get into DJing and producing music?

It was by accident and a bit of desperation. I used to do marketing for a nightclub in Leicester, they needed a DJ, and I needed the money. So, I went in for an entire week to practice – the rest is history. 

Production is a slightly different story; I gradually self-taught myself over the years and only really started seeing success a few years ago.

You recently signed a multi-release deal with Perfect Havoc. What can we expect from your upcoming releases?

Music to make you feel good. I’m not really one to stick to one specific genre of the house – I am a fan of it all. You can expect to hear some really eclectic music.

You’ll be playing for WNDRLND at Eden Ibiza this summer. How do you prepare for a big performance like this, and what can your fans expect from your set?

This will be my second time playing at Eden. The first time, like with all first times, I was too eager to impress. This year I feel I am way more comfortable in my own skin. You can expect to hear a lot of influences from my background. I am a British Asian and a big fan of Bhangra, Bollywood & Arab music – I have incorporated a lot of influence for this in my set this year.

You can also expect to hear some bangers across the house spectrum.

Rather than prep my set to impress others, I have prepped it to soothe my soul (if that makes sense).

Tell us your favourite things to do and places to go in Ibiza.

So at the end of San Antonio Bay, there is a hidden reggae bar – this is my happy place. I’ll be there most of the time ☺

What do you think sets your music apart from other DJs and producers in the industry?

I entered the industry as a DJ – Producer Varski came after. I spent the best part of 8 years perfecting my DJ style, and I have always felt my DJ sets are what separates me from others because of this. Every track I play has been edited in a way to fit my set, and I am not afraid to play other genres.

Can you share any advice for aspiring DJs and producers just starting in the industry?

Try not to follow trends – trends come and go, and if you spend all your energy chasing trends, you will always fall behind. Be true to yourself – love the music you make and play – this energy will resonate.

You’re British-Asian; in your opinion, what could be done to inspire more people from the same background to get involved with electronic dance music?

It’s a tough one – and I don’t think I have enough characters to talk about this properly, but on a very basic level – I would say, as a minority in the industry – be proud of your heritage and use it to your advantage. We are seeing more Asian artists come through (not enough, in), so I am hoping this will change.

How do you feel about the music industry’s current state, and where do you see it heading in the next few years?

Honestly, I think it’s lost. Everyone is chasing the next big thing, and nothing is really sticking. Social media culture has heavily influenced this – I just hope things settle and allow us, as music listers and fans, to absorb music better.

I do believe we are going to see more ‘mixed-genre’ sets from DJs moving forward, and likewise with producers – I think we will see artists making different genres.

What is your creative process like when producing a new track or remix?

I like to hear the track in my head first – I then look to get my ideas down as close as possible – sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t, but that is the beauty of this process.

What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far, and what are your goals for the future?

Opening the MTV EMA’s in 2017 still stands as my greatest career achievement – this and performing at Saudi Arabia’s first-ever mixed-sex festival alongside 50 Cent and Janet Jackson.

Moving forward, I would love to be playing at events across the world, playing my own music and remixes.

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