Interview: Sauvage Back on His Career, Industry Evolution, His Latest EP & More

Following impressive outings on Don’t Play Recordings, Offsite Records and many more, Italian DJ/Producer Sauvage Back recently made his debut on Neverdogs’ esteemed Bamboleo Records with an immersive EP flooded with underground House vibes. Accompanying Sauvage Back on ‘No Sleep,’ respected Argentinian artist LondonGround delivers a potent remix of the title cut. Download/stream it via:

To mark his latest release, we welcome Sauvage Back with a deep-dive interview exploring his journey so far, tips for maintaining good mental clarity, goals for the future and more. 

Hi, Sauvage Back! Welcome to House Music With Love! We wanted to learn more about your musical career to start our chat. What brought you to Dance Music, and what keeps you here?

Hi there, it’s a pleasure to know you guys. Thanks a lot for inviting me for the interview; I absolutely agree with your brand concept, HOUSE MUSIC WITH LOVE.

My musical career started in the middle of the 90s, but I felt completely involved in electronic music energy the first time I saw a DJ playing in a DJ booth (1991). I was only 11 years old when I already had clearly in my head that to be older, want to become a professional DJ, and after so many years, a strong passion and love for the Electronic music and Dance music world gave me the power to keep going without giving up, gave motivation, perseverance and constancy in this long and difficult career.

I started in 1996 to spin some tunes in small clubs in the Balearic islands because I was living there in that period, then moved to Italy again (I was originally born in Italy) where in the north side of the country, I started to play around from Florence,

Bolonia, Riccione, Rimini, etc., are in the most prestigious clubs like Peter Pan (Riccione), Echoes Club (Riccione), Yab (Florence), and many others. In 2003, I started to study electronic music production and sound design, and I was part of it.

During several years of some music projects that now have a strong reputation all over the planet, I decided after being on my own to build up my project SAUVAGE BACK; the project started at the beginning with a couple of collaborations with some others producers that gave lots of power and influence to it, till now as an artist I’m the only one being part of it. Still, during the last two years, we’ve created a strong backside team working daily to improve it.

For the last four years, I have been a regular guest between Ibiza and Berlin for international events like BALEARIC FREAKS from Berlin and BERLIN MUSIC. Part of the resident DJs of MYSA Mallorca – it was one of the most underground parties for years on the Balearic island.

I released music with labels like Playgroove Recording, Offsite Records, Innocent Music, Mysa Label, Strange Story Records, Hardcutz, and others.

Now, I’m part of the BAMBOLEO RECORDS DJ & Producers crew. It’s great for me and an honour because I have had much influence from the NEVERDOGS label boss. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve been a big fan and supporter of the Italian duo. I feel my sound is a lot identified in the Bamboleo line.

How much has the industry changed since you first started, and are you happy with the direction it’s heading in?

Since I started, I have respected the old school style, which I feel in several aspects part of it I started DJing in the vinyl era, and since that time, lots of things have changed: DJ’s technique, technical skills, artist’s lifestyle. 

The advent of information technology has completely revolutionised the characteristics of a DJ, the technique and, of course, the electronic music industry.

Everything has a more professional direction, and the audience has grown incredibly. To be a DJ today includes being an excellent promoter, having social media management skills associated with an ideal approach to the web marketing world, and, of course, studying a lot of electronic music productions and at least basic notions of sound engineering. 

I’m actually happy with this direction is heading in; I felt we’d got much more consideration from the show business, and the audience is getting massive; that’s the reason that gave much more opportunity to a lot of artists to work and express them self without begin a headliner artist, world and the global genre music industry now for a big part is depending to the Dance music scene, I feel the public audience got bigger. Society respects what we do much more than before.

What can you tell us about your latest release?

My latest release is the result of years of intensive dedication, results of being constancy, and working hard every single day; I consider it a SAUVAGE BACK upgrade, and I feel pretty much motivated by it, especially when I see that since the first day Oo release, it went out on Beatport’s top releases chart and Hype chart of the genre.

I had the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with LONDONGROUND, another strong Sauvage Back music influence from the beginning. He did a massive remix of the main track that gave power to the EP. The Sauvage Back sound has grown with this latest release, taking the right direction.

I’ve defined a different sound line that is much more powerful; I’m working a lot to define a solid sound identification for the Sauvage Back project, creating a twisted bass line, groovy tech and deep tech line; my goal now is to create some stuff that everyone will recognize just to hear it without reading on the EP, who is the producer.

Do you have a specific production process or any instruments/plugins you love to work with?

I often use Diva as a synth; you can recognize a lot of chords, pads, and leads creating with it in my productions.

I also worked a lot with the Ableton push machine, which I feel pretty comfortable using to create all the drum grooves. For example, I’m on the way to studying to create music and preview the analogic process. I love the way it sounds; it gives a different feeling and listening approach to the final product.

What was the last album you listened to from start to finish?

Playing the Angels by Depeche Mode or The Illogical Consequence by Planet Funk.

In your opinion, what is the best house music record ever made?

If we talk about pure House music style, I absolutely respect the Chicago old style.

Are there any artists you’d love to collaborate with or labels you’d like to sign your music to?

I would like to collaborate one day with artists like Sebastian Ledher, Neverdogs, Late Replies, Niteplane, Ssero and Rhender, for example

Deeperfect, Moan, and Solid Groove are, of course, the labels that I’m now focusing on. 

What do you like to do outside of music?

I always try to connect as much as possible with nature in every place I’m travelling or living in that moment – sports like running, yoga, and meditation. And spend time with my son Thiago. 

What is your top piece of advice for aspiring artists?

I am an internationally respected artist and have the opportunity to express myself around the globe, seeing more and more people get excited and happy to enjoy my music.

What can we expect from you in 2024?

Keep growing as an artist; more great music is on the way to come out with other important labels, and be more present as a regular guest.

Sauvage Back – No Sleep EP (incl. LondonGround Remix) is available to download/stream via Bamboleo Records.