Interview: mnbv on her new EP, production process, upcoming projects and more

Following the release of Gulou Home Studio’s ‘Satellite’ EP earlier in the year, GHS’ Aida Minibaeva (mnbv) returns to Andrew Meller’s REWLER Records imprint for her solo debut on the label with an impressive four-track offering titled ‘Your Touch’. Buy/stream it here:

To mark her latest release, we caught up with mnbv for an immersive chat about her new EP, production process, upcoming projects and more: 

Tell us your inspiration (if any) behind the “Your Touch” EP. What led you to create this particular body of work?

Like many artists at different times of the pandemic, I found myself with gigs close to none and a lot of free time. I wanted to perform, I wanted to dance, but the clubs were closed for months at a time in China. So, I decided to make something that would make someone dance, maybe on another side of the world, to channel that energy. This is how the EP came to life. 

How does your creative process differ when working on a project like “Your Touch” compared to other releases?

My creative process is more or less the same for all my work – it comes in waves. I would feel the urge to express myself through a particular sound; then, I’d close myself in the studio until the work was done. 

What was your experience like working with Andrew Meller and being a part of REWLER Records? How did it impact your artistic journey?

Andrew has been of great support throughout the years, and I value his advice and take on things in music production and in this industry in general. I’m very happy that I got to release with REWLER, both as a part of the duo and as a solo artist. It definitely gives me the inspiration to continue with my music journey. 

In “Your Touch,” you experimented with different sounds and genres. Can you elaborate on the musical influences and styles that shaped this EP?

I would say that I try not to stick to a certain genre, and I love to experiment and see where it takes me. Whenever I start a new track, I have no idea what genre it will turn out at the end. 

What emotions or feelings do you hope to evoke in listeners through the tracks on “Your Touch”?

Feeling that they can’t stop dancing – I certainly would hope for that!

How do you approach the production and arrangement of your music? Are there any specific techniques or tools that you rely on?

Nowadays, the arsenal of a music producer is extremely broad, with a great variety of machines and digital tools alike. I like to try new things to explore what can be achieved with it, so in every EP there might be used a completely different set of creative utensils. The arrangement is what comes the hardest to me, I usually make the idea within an hour, and the rest of the time is spent on arrangement and sound design. 

Can you share any memorable moments or challenges you faced while creating “Your Touch” EP?

The biggest challenge was to pick the names for the tracks; actually, they were changed a few times. 

How do you envision your sound evolving, and what can your fans expect from your upcoming projects?

I have no idea, I just make music that I feel at this exact moment, and the future sound will depend on how I feel in future. So, it will be a surprise for me as well!

mnbv’s ‘Your Touch’ EP is now available to buy/stream via REWLER Records.

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