Interview: Melodic House Magician Mistier on His Latest Single, Creative Process & More

Mistier came to life through spiritual and musical connections made at Burning Man, and the playa’s influence weaves its way through the music. Listen to any Mistier production, and it’s easy to imagine a hazy sun arching downwards beyond the desert horizon, guided by transcendent beats, melodies and meaningful lyrics. 

Mistier’s latest release ‘Move With Me’ is vocal-led Melodic House built with beautifully layered production to create a driving, uplifting groove. The bass synth riff imbues the track with a sense of Eastern mysticism, triggering an atavistic desire to move to the beat, while the heartfelt lyrics remind us of the spiritual connection open to us all through music and the dancefloor. The breakdown showcases the emotive vocal delivery of Andre Mistier as it builds into a drop that is set to bring people together, whether on a dancefloor or swaying to the beats under the stars. 

Fresh off his latest single, we caught up with Mistier for an immersive chat about his artistry, inspiration and much more: 

Hey Mistier, thanks so much for joining us. Where in the world are you talking to us from today?

Hello! Talking from East Hampton, NY, US today.

You recently shared your latest single, “Move With Me”. What can you tell us about this release?

I wrote this track the day my wife was scheduled to go into the hospital to give birth to our second son. The energy of anticipation, excitement, and nervousness was palpable in the air. A friend said he wanted to go to the park, take off his shoes, and ground himself. When he said that almost the entirety of this track flashed into my head in an instant. I saw myself opening my eyes in the desert and dancing with a large group of people in a ritual experience, the act of moving together being an entrance into something deeper. I produced the entire track in one sitting in the hospital in the chair next to my sleeping wife and son. Rarely has a track come to me (come through me?) so quickly.

Describe your art in five words or less.

Transportative consciousness-driven dance music

What’s your opinion on the current state of Melodic House as a genre?

Very exciting! I feel like melodic house music has found ways to make more of a song and more emotionally driven tracks that still have the full energy and groove for the dance floor. I have always wanted more message, more elevation, to my dancing experience, and I’m excited both as to where it’s going and to be a part of it.

Talk us through your creative process.

Bits of music- melodies, baselines, drum beats, vocal lines- come into my head at least daily, if not more frequently. The vocal recorder on the iPhone has been amazing for me! I have thousands of sound ideas saved on my phone. Usually, there is one central theme (whichever sonic part jumped into my head), and then the track is built around it. Often a vocal melody comes into my head before the lyrics, and I let the melody tell me what lyrics should belong to it. Sometimes, full lyrics pop into my head without music, and then they get saved until appropriate music matches up with them. And sometimes, I start into my DAW and let open exploration guide whatever happens. However it starts, there is usually a difference in the creative process between the initial genesis (which I describe as “creative listening” in that I feel I am hearing sounds or lines that come to me more than actually making something happen) and the secondary stages of fine-tuning and filling in (which are much more consciously controlled).

What artist, past or present, would you most like to collaborate with, and why?

Camelphat, Artbat, and Tinlicker all make tracks that are so evocative and uplifting (whether dark or light in tone), and all do such a great job of having vocals sit beautifully into a track to elevate it but not get in the way of the groove, that I would love to work with any of them. David Bowie would have been an all-time legacy goal since my goal in music is always the soundtrack and storytelling of an experience, and I feel he was such a master at that. And Prince (especially in the 80s) because he could make anything sound groovy and make you feel good. Also, I am a deep fan of The Gorillaz, and any chance to work with them would make my heart sing.

What do you do to inspire the creativity to write new music? Do you have any rituals or specific techniques?

I have been training in martial arts for most of my life and teaching for 15 years. I meditate daily. I feel like these activities keep me primed in the right direction towards inspiration. I get more inspiration from my wife and kids than anything else in the world. My wife and I work actively to push together towards self-understanding and deeper healing and to break the generational cycles in our histories. Our shared journey towards self-discovery, self-love and shared love both inspire and feature directly in everything I write and have to say or share.

Lastly, what can fans expect from you over the rest of 2023 and into 2024?

I have more music ready than I can use yet! We’ll be releasing tracks every couple of months for the rest of this and next year. All of the music is part of a larger narrative structure that we are developing into an animated series at the moment, so the first parts of that will start to come out. And as my kids are almost out of the very young phase, back to playing live again soon!

‘Move With Me’ continues Mistier’s mission to expand consciousness and connection through electronic music. Stream/download it here: