Interview: Jack Swoon

Interview: Jack Swoon talks Viberoom Records and his latest single

South London’s Jack Swoon continues to build on a decade of experience in the electronic music space, stepping out from the veil of elusiveness and bringing his definitive underground sound toward the limelight with the second single on his Viberoom Records imprint. Jack has developed a unique style of house blended with a melodic sensibility. Viberoom Records aims to introduce the world to many new talents that previously may not have had a platform to shine. The goal? To build a community of like-minded music lovers for a style of house music previously overlooked in the scene.

Jack’s latest release ‘Lies’ is an undeniably full-bodied club cut with heavy grooves, resonant musicality, and a beautiful vocal topliner. Encompassing dancefloor-focused elements alongside dreamy soundscapes, its fluid tide of hypnotic lyric-heavy breaks and chunky danceable segments combine to carve out a standout record built for peak time sets and packed club rooms.

It marks the second release on the label and is much more a club track than any of Jack’s previous releases, showing his growth as an artist. 

To celebrate the release of his latest record, we caught up with Jack Swoon for an immersive chat about artistry, running a label and much more: 

Tell us about Viberoom Records and what inspired you to start your label.

I’ve always wanted to have my own label. It’s important to discover new talent, and I felt like there was a gap in the market for the vibey sound that I like so much. I also like having control of my own releases and being able to do things on my own schedule.

Are there any specific elements or influences in crafting a Viberoom Records release?

Make it vibey! The Viberoom is what I call my studio; that’s my goal every time I sit at my computer to make music. That’s what I’m looking for in new music, too: a unique element that’s catchy and vibey. I feel like I’m trying to create my own genre, to be honest. Vibe House! Haha

How do you balance running a label and producing music yourself?

The label is very new; I only started the company at the start of this year, so it hasn’t been hard to balance yet. I’m sure once we start picking up more momentum, it will be, but I’ll let you know how it goes then.

Can you walk us through the creative process behind your latest release, ‘Lies,’ and what inspired the track?

I wanted to make a club record. My previous releases are more stripped back and vibey, so I wanted to make something club worthy but still vibey. Especially now that I’m playing out more, I wanted something for the dance floors.

How do you feel ‘Lies’ fits your overall sound and style as an artist?

It’s a pivot to previous records of mine. But I have so many tastes and influences it’s important to explore them as an artist and make them uniquely my own.

Are there any specific themes or messages you hope listeners will take away from the release?

This song definitely has a specific meaning to me. However, I never really like to put that out there because it’s really down to interpretation from the listener. I want them to have no preconceptions when listening to my music for the first time.

How do you stay inspired and motivated to create new music?

I’m always listening to music; I have a very broad range of musical tastes, so I never lack inspiration at all. I’d say that’s the best thing to do. Listen to everything! Enjoy other genres and find what you like in each of them. Then try to recreate that but using your sound. That’s when you’re able to create something unique.

What sets electronic music apart from other genres, and how do you incorporate those unique elements into your work?

Electronic music has the ability to encompass all other genres. Whether it be Hip Hop or Metal Rock, you can merge it into electronic music, and that’s fascinating.

Can you talk about any upcoming projects or collaborations in the works?

Ha! I can’t! But we have some very cool surprises this year, but I want to keep them under the hat for now. Watch this space.

Jack Swoon’s ‘Lies’ is available now via his Viberoom Records imprint. You can grab your copy HERE.

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Interview: Jack Swoon

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