Interview: Berlin-based producer and artist Narou discusses his new album

The talented Berlin-based singer, songwriter, and producer narou has just released his latest single, “How To Get There”, the latest in a line of gorgeous house & electronica gems that are starting to define a stunning album from the talented producer. His sound beautifully crosses the border between organic house, RnB and alt-pop – with an incredible production knowledge underwriting the entire project.

Based in Berlin, but ultimately working from wherever he find inspiration – we managed to catch up with the nomadic producer ahead of his latest single.

Hi narou, can you start by introducing yourself and your music to our audience

Hi y’all I am narou a producer & singer/songwriter based between Bali and Berlin. I am creating boundary-pushing, genre-defying electronic indie music. 

How are you finding it working in Berlin, do you get to collaborate with a lot of local artists and producers in the scene over there?

I spend about 6 months of the year in Berlin. I love it there. I got my own studio and my own little crew of people I work with on the regular.  It is here in this space that I find it easy to fully focus on my work, often putting the finishing touches on tracks that I have crafted while being in Bali.

Tell us a little about what we can expect from the forthcoming album

Its a beautiful honest musical journey. It has tracks that are slower and hit you right in the feels- as well as faster-driving pop tunes that are perfect for your next road trip. My ultimate goal was to create a diverse musical experience that resonates with people from all walks of life.

As a producer and singer-songwriter – do you prefer writing lyrics and toplines or does the production side of what you do take center stage?

I started as a producer so I would say that that still is what I love doing most. However, I also really enjoy writing lyrics and coming up with catchy toplines.

What can we expect from you this summer, any shows or exciting announcements?

We are going to have a little Album release show and possible a few more gigs over the summer.

There is also a lot of new music on the way!

“How To Get There” is available below

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