I Want To Break Free, Queen’s classic, gets a dance floor makeover by Hoo and Gaba

Edit is available as a free download on Soundcloud

By Nicolle Prado 


Imagine being at a party, enjoying a refined House set, when suddenly Freddie Mercury’s voice appears singing one of Queen’s biggest hits, “I Want to Break Free”. It would be impactful, wouldn’t it? Now, this vision can become real with the electronic version that the Brazilians Gabe and the duo HOO have just presented to the world of the classic 1984 track. The edit is also available for free download on Soundcloud.

The talent of the HOO brothers has been surprising the Brazilian electronic scene. This is thanks to a series of quality releases and a list of presentations at important events, such as Savannah, in São Paulo, which also featured Black Coffee in the line-up, as well as a presentation at the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, alongside Keinemusik. And the partnership with Gaba, another exponent of the scene, has already yielded good results such as the recent “Foggy Carnival”, embraced by the renowned label Radiant.

And now, they come together again for a reinterpretation of “I Want to Break Free”. For this new version, the trio developed a very contagious groove, composed of striking beats and vibrant synths, which creates a harmony with the striking melody of the original, especially with the line of keys, which remains in prominence. After exploring the arrangements creating a sublime atmosphere, Mercury’s vocal emerges, taking the track to its apex. We recommend the play:


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