Fritz Kalkbrenner releases magical new single ‘Waiting For The Sun’

The festival summer is at its peak and Fritz Kalkbrenner provides the fitting intense soundtrack. With “Waiting for the Sun”, Berlin-based electronic music producer Fritz Kalkbrenner releases his new single for the hot summer of 2023. Carried by his distinctive exceptional voice, he creates a melancholic masterpiece in co-production with Henrik Müller (et. al., Gheist). By incorporating the musical elements of melodic techno, they successfully capture the classic after-hours/sunrise vibe after a night of clubbing, captivating both ravers and club-goers alike. A stunning single that not only immediately made it to radio internationally, but is also equally supported by the scene and the big Spotify playlists.

What inspiration went into the current single Waiting For The Sun?

Well, initially my main goal was to create a song about having confidence in the future. However, with the way the mid-European summer is unfolding right now, the inspiration has become quite literal – I am actually waiting for the sun. You know what I mean?

Elements like the sun, water, rain and fire often find their way into your lyrics – what do you associate with the sun?

That’s actually true, in retrospect the elements have been playing a certain role in my lyrics for years. The sun represents confidence and brings out the positive effects of the elements. It’s what people usually associate with positivity, and that’s exactly how I wanted it to be.

Fritz Kalkbrenner – Waiting For The Sun