FNP Explores Soulful, Garage-House on Vocal Driven “Keep Thinking”

A Melodic & Smooth Ode To The Days of UK Garage

London-based producer and songwriter FNP delivers a captivating blend of old-school UK Garage in his latest single “Keep Thinking”. FNP’s diverse production style shines through with his use of a vocal sample and M1 organ to create a garage vibe that will take you back in time.

FNP’s musical journey began with playing drum and bass events at University, and he has since added many strings to his career, including founding labels Slinkiemusic and Bottled Sauce. A diverse producer who likes to try his hand at a number of different styles, his most recent releases have touched on two-step and garage in a unique way, with a soulful element coursing throughout.

Critics and industry professionals alike have taken notice of FNP’s unique sound, with Thump Magazine, Clash, Datatransmission, Indieshuffle, Dummy Magazine, and Complex all singing his praises. Speaking on the new single, the London-based producer explains – “The vocal sample makes this one. I had the sample over the UK garage beat and had to slap an M1 organ on there for pure, garage vibes”

Listen to “Keep Thinking” in full below

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