Exclusive Interview: PRVNA

Known for punchy melodies, South-London based PRVNA is quickly becoming one to watch as she intricately blends sultry hooks with funky basslines in her sound. Drawing on influences from Black Coffee all the way through to Disclosure, PRVNA’s distinctive genre-bending production makes nods to alternative RnB, funky house and Afro-Latin genres, encapsulating the UK sound of today.

The talented songwriter has just dropped her new single “Only U” – A summer-ready blend of afrobeats, house and electronica with plenty of groove. We caught up with the talented artist to discuss her influencers and what the future holds below

1. Hi PRVNA, let’s kick things off by telling people a little about your story of becoming a musician?

Well, I always sang from a young age and went to a Saturday school and then sort of got an English lit and history degree and joined the working world – until I realised I have to pursue my dreams because this definitely isn’t it! I was 24/25 when I started really trying to create something and find people to create with! When I was actively pursuing my dreams everything sort of started clicking into place, I think because I was aligned with what really made me happy. That’s not to say the journey hasn’t been wild and still is but I am enjoying it more and appreciating my growth as an artist.

2. What were your biggest musical influences, as the new single seems to capture a lot of those..

 People say home is where the heart is, I always hear house is where the heart is – it is something I live my life by. My older  sister was listening to DnB at home all the time and my older brother jungle, we’re ravers. Being Mauritian with such a big party culture I have been so lucky that my family let us play loud music, let me go to underage funky house raves which largely influence the sound of the single. Only U is a myriad of afro soul and funky house. The soulful vocals lend from my biggest inspirations Lauryn Hill, Etta James and disco queen Gwen Mc Crae. And the main musical production nods to Kaytranda early Black Coffee who have been game changers for me and my sound.

3. “Only You” is a track that seems to cross a number of different genres, was that the plan from the start with this track or did it happen naturally?

You know the track was totally different. It was the first track from the project N:Fostell and I had started and the beat was largely unfinished and was a lot more afro. We were still finding our footing together as it was the first project so I remember coming to his studio and him laying down the keys – and he really does have gorgeous keys in house music. That’s when the vision came – in 2 and half minutes to take people on a journey, the outro is my favourite bit and i thought of that Justin Timberlake song – Lovestoned where the outro for me should be the song. We both really connected I think looking back for the first time and started making these seamless transitions and wanted to bring bits of our personality to the song.

4. You’ve collaborated with a number of producers on previous releases – how does the dynamic work in the studio, does one of you handle top-lines and the other on the production side?

I think for me it always starts with the chords – if I can’t connect to the root I can’t write. I am a lot more comfortable driving production now so it’s easier to connect to get to where we need to. I adore my songwriting,I think I would always say I am a songwriter-singer- but I feel so much joy co-writing with others now. Tasty Lopez has been a dream to co-write with she also co-wrote Dirty Dancing my previous release and she really teased this sexy rnb vocal out of me!

5.  Anything we can look forward to from you over the summer?

Absolutely – Only U is the first single off my debut EP. I am very excited and can’t wait to start singing these songs to you live!
Check out “Only U” by PRVNA below

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