Exclusive Interview: Iman Hanzo – Germany’s aspiring organic deep house export

A groundbreaking and pioneering music producer and DJ nowadays should have a strong understanding of music theory, be able to mix and master tracks more than proficiently, and have a deep knowledge of the genre’s history and current trends. Iman Hanzo from Germany combines these virtues and forms something unique out of them.

He was born in Iran and raised in Germany. His passion for music began at a young age, leading him to attend a music school before pursuing a career in the industry after graduating from Music Institute. Iman Hanzo’s unique sound blends influences from techno and house to create a dynamic and profound musical experience that evokes strong emotions and unites listeners on the dance floor.

Originally from the vibrant Hamburg club scene, Iman Hanzo has DJed around the world. However, after four years of success as a DJ, he broke free from conventional electronic music and embarked on a journey to rediscover the origins of his art. This exploration opened his mind to new ways of thinking about music, allowing his creativity to flow freely.

The result was a powerful, driving sound that combined the raw intensity of techno with polished melodies and the precision of a seasoned house DJ. Now Iman Hanzo releases his new single “Er lebt in Dir” and gives it away for a short time as a free download. Let’s dive deeper into his story with this interview.

Hello Iman. For those who don’t know your story, could you please tell us something about your background, where you come from and how you became a DJ and music producer?

I came to Germany from Iran with my parents and older brother when I was five years old. Even as a child, I had a great interest in music and loved listening to the cassettes my mother collected. When I got older, a friend asked me to go with him to the Love Parade in Berlin, which must have been in 2000.

When I saw the people at the Siegessäule dancing to the sounds of Carl Cox, I was fascinated by how one artist could make so many people dance. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

You also run a club in your hometown Hamburg – how do you balance all your talents without going crazy?

I built the club to create a home for electronic music lovers in Hamburg. My goal was to invite the world to Hamburg and create a beautiful electronic scene here. I love taking on challenges and gaining new experiences. It was a great time spent with my team. However, I had to choose between the club and my career as an artist, as I couldn’t reconcile both. I’m very glad I made that decision.

How would you describe your sound as a DJ in three words?

Energetic, emotional and melodic.

Can you tell us more about your new track called “Er lebt in Dir” (He lives in you)?

Yes, there is a personal story behind the song “Er lebt in Dir”. When I was 5 years old, I came to Germany from Iran with my parents and my older brother. I had never seen Disney films before. Later, when I saw “The Lion King”, like so many children, I was thrilled and it became my favourite film.

Especially the part with the song “He lives in you” triggered something in me back then, and I still feel that feeling today. This emotional connection to the song inspired me to re-produce the track and let my personal experiences flow into my work.

The (original) music from The Lion King and its cultural significance inspired me to reinterpret this classic melody in my own style. The creative challenge of dressing the already well-known melody in a new musical garment and making it modern and danceable appealed to me.

What inspires you the most when you make music? And how do you stay inspired?

I draw inspiration for my sound from various sources. One important source is my cultural background and my personal experiences, which can be reflected in my music.

But I also like to be inspired by other music genres, artists and producers to discover new sounds and styles. Travel, nature, art, films and everyday observations can also be a source of inspiration. I like to combine different elements in my music to create a unique style with recognition value.

Therefore, the inspiration for my sound can come from many different sources and can be expressed in many different ways in my productions.

Another single of yours was recently released by TRND – what connects you with the label?

I approached Benny (TRND) three years ago and asked him if he wanted to release my EP “Canario” on his label. This has resulted in a very familiar collaboration, which is also very pleasant. The label is a home for electronic music lovers and the music released on the label has a certain quality and depth.

What has been your biggest career highlight so far?

There are many moments that I can call highlights. Actually, every time I stand on stage and play and see the happy faces of the guests and feel that gratitude is a highlight for me.

My biggest highlight so far is the Gold Award from Warner Music and my performances in Japan.

And what’s next in the world of Iman Hanzo?

I’m currently spending a lot of time in the studio working on new productions and preparing for upcoming gigs. There is also a joint project planned with the artist Rosbeh, which will result in a mini-album.

In the future, I want to continue to be creative and active in the music scene and develop new projects in collaboration with other artists. One can be curious to see which new musical adventures we will experience in the studio and with the planned projects in the future. Fans and music lovers can look forward to new releases and performances.

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