Exclusive Interview: HEVI LEVI

Following the remarkable international outpouring of love for his latest charity single and music video project Mad World, Israeli DJ, producer and label head HEVI LEVI now readies his second solo project of 2023, with the announcement of his brand new single Moon. The offering is joined by a string of remixes from 2BAnnounced, Amir Telem, Shiku, Ten Walls and TOMBOYZ. Alongside the fresh release, HEVI LEVI launches the pre-sale of his newly designed ‘Mad World’ T-shirts; an extension of his charitable single to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine 

Out now via his burgeoning Tel Aviv-based imprint Joy Records, Moon marks the fourth and final release of HEVI LEVI’s No Landing Gear series, following the widespread positive response to the first three singles, No Landing Gear, Eris and Dysnomia, back in 2022. A veritable masterclass in modern, progressive techno courtesy of a producer at the very top of his game right now, HEVI LEVI’s intergalactic new offering exudes raw, energetic dynamism across its six-and-a-half-minute duration as he combines pulsating basslines, eerie synth leads and cutting-edge production techniques to deliver one of his finest creations to date.

Hey HEVI LEVI, great to have you with us today. For those of our readers who are not yet familiar with your work, can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be an artist?

Thanks for having me! So… I’m a DJ and a producer for many years, I have produced a lot of genres (local and international hits) but my passion as an artist is electronic music.

Deep inside I’m a geek, I have 2 masters in mathematics and computer science but my passion is always the people, the happiness I can bring to them, music is my means of distribution.

I learned to play piano from a young age, started DJing when I was 14 years old, so it was inevitable that I’ll become who I am today.

Who and what are the main sources of inspiration for your musical output currently?

My music comes from a lot of inspiration sources all the way from Pink Floyd, Depech Mode, Faithless to Carl Cox,  and Josh Wink, I love music in all forms and shapes and I let it in me, and the output is my music.

Do you have a particular format you follow when you get into the studio to work on a new track?

YES, all my tracks start from a story, then I write the melody on my piano and only when this is ready I sit on my computer and build the structure and sounds.

What’s your favourite piece of studio gear at the moment?

Most definitely my Moog Subsequent 37!

You’ve just released your new single “Moon” with a host of remixes, how did these reworks come about and what was the decision behind the artists you chose for the project?

I love this track and I wanted it to be heard by people who listen to different genres of electronic music. so I contact artists that I like and sent the the track, they all joined the mission and helped me to build this EP.

This latest EP was released on your own Joy Records. What other releases can we expect from the imprint over the next year?

I release my music on my label 🙂 and there are a lot of other artists with great music that about to releas on Joy, Ten Walls, Asher Swissa, Tomboyz, Niro, 2BAnnounced (it’s their real name) and many more (this is not a name, really many more lol)

We read that you released a charity single, “Mad World”, recently and are about to unveil your fist run of T-shirts to continue raising funds for the crisis in the Ukraine. How did this idea come to life?

Coming from a country that is fed up with injustice, terror attacks and wars you look outside and see how the people of Ukraine suffer and it opens your eyes, this is madness, we are living in a mad world, so as an artist I can sound my voice and shows that we should use our talent and passion to create a better world, a more beautiful world, a Mad in a good way world.

Why do you think it’s important for figures in the creative space to address these political issues?

I don’t address politics nor choose sides, I support the innocent people that need shelter, home and food.

What are the next steps for your new fashion line TN1! following the Mad World T-shirt run?

The Mad World T-Shirts are to raise awareness but not a part of our fashion line, we are currently working on our first high end unisex closing line, super party oriented but with super swag, I can’t wait to wear it.

What are some of your main goals for the rest of 2023?

My main goals are to play my music to as many people as I can, 2022 was the year that I built my team, both for Joy and for my own project HEVI LEVI, in 2023 I’m focused in my music and my sound, and I know that it’s about to blow up 🙂 and I hope to continue playing on the stages that I like to the people I love.

HEVI LEVI – Moon EP is out now via Joy Records: https://joyrec.ampsuite.com/releases/links?id=900