Erhan Yilmaz – Freeze (Organic House 2023/Downtempo 2023) [Baikal Nomads]

Baikal Nomads is a record label that’s known for its deep and organic style of house music, and the imprint’s new release has original music by Erhan Yilmaz.

Erhan Yilmaz is a Turkish producer who has worked with Baikal Nomads in the past, along with releasing music via other respected imprints including Cosmic Awakenings and Kosa. He says that his music is inspired by the scenic views found around the shores of the Black Sea.

The EP titled “Freeze” has two original tracks produced by Erhan Yilmaz alongside an impressive selection of remixes from Lello Fusco, Zuma Dionys, Kolomin and Wākhan. Zuma Dionys being the most noteworthy, due to his releases on labels such as Sol Selectas and Bar 25 Music, but the other artists have themselves featured on imprints such as Camel Riders, Underyourskin and MONADA.

First up on the EP is the original mix of “Freeze” which has atmospheric guitar chords washed in reverb and rising synths layered with flowing percussion.

“W Street” is the other original track, and it’s a quirky cut that unfolds with building suspense its melodies dance around the pulsating rhythms of the underpinning lead synth.

Lello Fusco’s remix of W Street adds dramatic tension to captivate the listener. Zuma Dionys turns up the heat with his tropical remix of Freeze, and Wākhan takes Freeze down a psychedelic route with building intensity. Kolomin brings the release to a close with a trippy remix of “Freeze” that has added atmosphere and an epic breakdown.

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