E39 places a danceable house spin on Karmacoda’s ‘Time Flies’

After ensnaring streamers with the dance and disco allure of distinctive San-Francisco-based trio KARMACODA’s song “Dare”, American musician Peter Tanico, also known as E39 extends the appeal of “Time Flies” with another official remix which is set for release tomorrow via Sola Musa Music

The remix adds to the band’s list of songs at the hands of notable artists, including the likes of Extrawelt, Sailor & I, Lycoriscoris, KRONO, and Birds Of The West.

On E39’s take, Karmacoda’s sultry, nostalgic original adopts vivacious, fun-infested, upbeat chords. The remixer’s version converts Karmacoda’s release into a floor-destined flavorful hybrid. 


Karmacoda’s vocalist, Jessica Ford shared, “E39 has produced my favorite remixes for KARMACODA, so when he said ‘yes’ to remixing ‘Time Flies’ I told B, ‘we’ve got to jump at the chance!’ It is exactly what I hoped for. You will move, you’ll head bob, it’s a bop! So good.”

Pre-save the remix HERE and read more about the collaboration below. 

How did the remix happen? What’s the story?

E39 asked us if he could remix the songs. A new Karmacoda album is released and he’s always quick to ask if he can remix his favorite songs on the album.

Jess, you said that this is your favourite remix of all the remixes crafted from your work. What separates this one from the others?

Honestly, I don’t know that I have a “favorite” persay, each remix we have done has its own special new life, if you will. The rebirth of each track always amazes me. 

With that said, E39 in general, has a dance groove and bass line infused into each remix that always seems to make me bop. 

This one is so FUN. I danced my whole life so the ones that make me move, tend to be the one I gravitate towards

Did you have any say in the creative direction of the remix?

We trust E39 explicitly and he always creates amazing remixes with little guidance. His passion is the key we believe.

Invent a playlist: which 3 tracks, by artists big or small, would you playlist alongside the track?

– The Word Is Love / Say The Word – Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley’s Anthem of Life 

– The Source Candi Staton – You Got The Love 

– Alok, Bruno Martini Feat. Zeeb (Hear Me Now)

Are there any other remixes in the works? If so, can you reveal names?

We always seem to be having remixes in the works because we are friends with a lot of great remixers/producers who are always asking to remix our songs.  

Nothing to announce yet.

How did you and E39 meet?

Funnily enough we’ve only spoken on the phone and communicated via email. We do a lot of collaborations virtually because it’s so easy now.