Come out of the “Cocoon” with coiro and float in the sublime melody of his new single

The Brazilian producer’s new single hit the platforms last Friday (27th), via YION

By Nicolle Prado


Nature and music have very similar characteristics, since they both carry a powerful essence, marked by cyclicity, rhythm and touch, capable of causing impactful effects on human beings by enveloping them in its sublime atmosphere and awakening the deepest emotions, those that we consciously hardly knew existed within us. 

Knowing this parity and motivated to intensify its effects, coiro developed his artistic identity, adding the concept of nature to music, fusing its particularities and creating a powerful sound. Guided by the melodic lines of Deep House and Melodic House, his productions bring soothing and immersive atmospheres, reminiscent of the instinctive repetitions of nature. Just a year into his career and with this impactful ability, coiro presents himself as a new exponent of the Brazilian electronic scene.

Further proof of the title’s worthiness is his latest release “Cocoon“, which hit the platforms last Friday (27) on the YION label. The melody develops progressively, with subtle notes from the key lines inviting you to leave the cocoon and experience an immersive journey, proposed by almost celestial arrangements that develop through soft beats and shimmering synthesizers. The track is the fourth single from her debut album, Reflections, which is due to hit the platforms at the beginning of November.

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